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WebEx video conference, the world's largest online video conference solution, is famous. Its professionalism is beyond doubt. After all, WebEx has more than 20 years of professional operation experience in conference services. It integrates network video conferencing and teleconferencing to create the best conference system. For example, in the unlimited cloud video conference, create a thousand people and thousands of faces online video conference experience, rich multimedia interactive functions, and improve the participation experience; In terms of teleconferencing, a telephone or mobile phone can easily open teleconferencing in two steps in every corner of the earth; The world's five continents and 66 countries and regions can realize multi-party calls.


WebEx teleconferencing is a platform that allows multiple parties to talk at the same time. It uses the Internet to realize data sharing among multiple users in different locations. It is mainly used for meetings, training, remote customer guidance, etc., making product demonstration, sharing applications, document presentation, and other operations as easy as being close at hand.


WebEx video conference is experience oriented, and its features can be summarized as follows: one click conference, simple to use, and deep customization; Extremely stable, extremely high-definition, cloud storage, smooth images, no jamming; Data sharing, supporting the sharing of screens, documents, data, etc., to improve collaboration efficiency; Multiple protection and guaranteed safety; Full terminal coverage, supporting access to computers, mobile phones, tablets, hardware video conference terminals, etc.


Ease of use


It is very simple to use WebEx video conferencing. This application is very lightweight and only requires simple installation. Users basically have no installation threshold and do not have to worry about system configuration issues. One click to enter, all video conferences on WebEx Meetings can click the conference link to directly open the Webex Meetings application without any options or intermediate links.


In addition, WebEx supports unlimited international calls that can be dialed in and out. You can join the conference by dialing the specified 400 phone number and entering the conference ID. During the test, we used mobile phones to dial into the conference system, and the call quality was clear without noise.


To sum up, WebEx is very simple from opening the meeting to the participants joining the meeting. At the same time, the browser based lightweight application experience is very convenient, enabling barrier free access to the meeting: anytime, anywhere, unlimited terminal (PC, mobile phone, etc.) video access, fully covering the office crowd.




WebEx video conference is not only audio and video, but also needs to add conference related functions. In terms of functionality, WebEx has very comprehensive functions, such as notes, recording meeting videos, and sharing (applications, whiteboards, desktops, multimedia content, etc.).


The note taking function is very practical. In the video conference, we can write the meeting minutes at any time.


The conference recording function can realize the local recording or cloud recording of the conference video, which is convenient for the subsequent resumption of the conference.


In particular, the sharing function can share desktop, application, whiteboard and multimedia content, and specify the shared content. Other participants can only see the specified shared content without worrying about privacy.


From the functional level, WebEx covers various functions of video conferencing. In particular, we felt the same feelings about its powerful sharing function in the test. WebEx can be presented to participants, whether it is a desktop or a whiteboard or a document or program, which is very powerful and convenient.


User experience


In terms of user experience, WebEx, as a SaaS application, is remarkable in terms of smoothness and stability. Whether it is a presentation document or an audio/video call, in the existing network environment, whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, there is basically no "stuck" phenomenon.


Before joining the conference, WebEx will check whether the audio and video content are normal, so as to avoid making adjustments after joining the conference to affect the order of the conference. This ensured the stability of the meeting to a certain extent.


Although WebEx provides a wealth of options in terms of functions, this has not affected its product experience in the slightest. Each function is very user-friendly in terms of interface and access.


Number of people and expenses


The online conference system is very sensitive to the number of people, so we see that the free products basically limit the number of people attending the conference. After all, this requires huge conference servers and bandwidth.


In terms of the number of people supported, our test group consists of six people. Enterprises can apply for more video conferences according to their own conditions. In terms of fees, you can consult WebEx's official customer service.




In the whole process of participating in the test, our biggest feeling is that WebEx's conference function is extremely powerful, covering all aspects of video conference, and its professionalism is beyond doubt.


In fact, WebEx is no longer a single product, but a platform, including a new Webex Meetings application for conference purposes, a new seamless team collaboration application called Webex Teams, Webex Calling, Webex Customer Service Center, Webex hardware equipment, etc.

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