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Due to the popularity of COVID-19, online video conferencing has become a popular way of communication. It is not surprising that Microsoft has also jumped into the ranks. However, it is a little surprising that it prioritizes the promotion of the Teams platform, which makes it young, rather than the Skype video conference service that it has acquired for many years (you should know that Skype actually has an enterprise version). In fact, some people may have almost forgotten about Skype, including Microsoft itself.


Now, three years after launching its new Team web application, Microsoft has finally managed to make Skype work on Firefox.


Although it may have made no difference to many users. Because Windows will have a Skype desktop application anyway, the web browser experience may sound redundant. However, not everyone wants to install a separate application for occasional calls, nor is everyone keen on using Microsoft's own browser. Only a few people may feel left out by Microsoft Skype at this time.


Switching Microsoft Edge from its self-made EdgeHTML engine to Chromium means that similar browsers with the same engine, such as Chrome and Opera, can support the new Skye for Web experience. However, Safari users on Macs waited until May of this year to be able to use Skype video conference in their browser of choice.


Now it's Firefox browser users' turn to get equal treatment. Now users of this browser will no longer be prompted for insufficient compatibility when entering the Skype login page, but there is still a warning that not all functions are available, but in fact, it seems to be no different from Chrome series browsers.


This compatibility with Firefox browser will be achieved on Skype 8.78. This version is still available for insiders to preview, and there is no news about when it will be released to the public. However, before that, it is expected that Skype's official documents still believe that Firefox is the only browser not supported by Skype for Web.

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