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Business Video Conference Application/Two-Way Video Conference Application

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Beijing RYLink Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the software development of video conference application system for more than 10 years. It has rich experience in the video conference industry, high-definition and stable network video conference. It provides remote video conference solutions for enterprises, and purchases and rents video conference systems.


Commercial video conference application system is required to be relatively simple and mainly serve some business activities. This kind of video conference application system requires high cost performance. Generally, the video conference terminal can meet the business needs and is conducive to the modification of business documents. It can carry out electronic whiteboard, file transmission, application sharing, etc. It is required that the video conference terminal has small volume, simple operation and flexible and convenient use, At the same time, it shall be able to provide encryption measures for video conference and provide services for the confidentiality of business activities.


The conference type two-way video conference application system is mainly aimed at the administrative meetings of the government and industry, which is characterized by large scenes and single meeting contents; The camera lens of a simple video conference terminal cannot meet the needs of the conference. According to the size of the venue, there should be more than three camera positions. At the same time, there should be a complete set of video switching equipment. The requirements for tuning equipment and sound transmission system are also strict. The lighting effect, sound absorption and sound reinforcement effect of the venue should be considered, Various parameters of the venue are required to meet the technical index requirements of the studio as much as possible. This demand is different from the demand of teaching form. There are certain requirements for the image display of video conference. Participants can see the video conference image at every position and hear the clear sound of the main venue. They have high requirements for the image quality of video conference terminal, and the rotation function There are many requirements for the pre monitoring function, split screen display function, conference reservation, conference group call, chairman control and other functions of the venue. Dynamic dual stream video can increase the atmosphere of the conference. This is necessary due to the particularity of the administrative conference. It requires more auxiliary equipment. It should be used together with the mixing console, video switching console and sound reinforcement system, and has high requirements for cameras, Select broadcast or professional cameras as much as possible; Sometimes, some computer ppt documents need two-way video to render the atmosphere of the meeting in order to achieve the purpose of the meeting.

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