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The new crown virus is raging and has concentrated in many places. How to effectively control the epidemic, scientifically respond to infectious diseases, and do a good job in prevention have become the focus of everyone's attention. So, what role can video conferencing play in the face of a raging virus? Let's start with the characteristics of video conferencing. Video conferencing can realize real-time communication in different places. It can transmit voice, video, and documents in real time. It supports simultaneous access of multiple conference venues and meets the needs of large concurrency.


1. Emergency command

Video conferencing can be applied in the emergency command system. For example, the epidemic situation in a certain place is serious, and the superior investigation and inspection team cannot rush to the scene immediately. You can check the situation directly through the video conferencing system, and quickly make epidemic prevention and control measures. , to ensure that the epidemic does not spread widely and protect the health of most people.

2. Remote consultation

If the hospital is crowded together, it will take more than a few hours for everyone to wait for a doctor. The pediatric department of a hospital even shuts down. The time originates from the overloaded work of the pediatrician, who have fallen ill and the pediatrics has to close the clinic. In this case, the hospital can start an emergency plan for remote consultation. For example, if the condition is not very serious, it can guide citizens to the local community hospital or township hospital for treatment. The doctor of the central hospital can connect to the office for consultation. Avoid the situation where most people flood into the central hospital and medical resources are not allocated enough.


3. Distance education

Under severe influenza, in order to avoid cross-infection, schools have to send more seriously ill students home to recuperate, or are forced to suspend classes from time to time. At this time, the remote education recording and broadcasting system based on video conferencing is activated. The teacher can teach the students at home in the school classroom as well. Can.

In fact, whether in bad weather, natural disasters, or even in the case of a nationwide flu that is not conducive to travel, video conferencing plays a very important role in remote communication. We have realized that we can buy food all over the world and eat food all over the world without worrying about it. Now, we can also use video conferencing to communicate face-to-face with people all over the world without worrying about it.

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