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Chilean American Economic Website recently reported that under the background that enterprises continue to use online office mode or are experiencing the transformation of online and offline mixed office, people pay more attention to the application of technology that can ensure the best management effect.


According to the report, during the epidemic, working meetings changed from face-to-face to virtual mode, from several times a day to several times a week. From the middle of 2021, enterprises began to bet on more authentic and friendly online conference technology.


For example, instead of the traditional single screen conference mode, Zoom has provided the option of simulating the office or meeting place since last year, hoping to avoid the consumption of meetings that usually last for several hours.


In this regard, it is the largest and most advanced companies that are applying this technology. This technology is increasingly available in various types of organizations that focus on achieving growth through innovation. "As far as Latin American enterprises are concerned, according to the 'Technology Vision 2021' survey conducted by Accenture, a consulting company, 12% of the companies confirm that they have upgraded to augmented reality and virtual reality technology. This is very good news, because this upgrade means the application of new technology in the whole business, not isolated or targeted at specific projects. This is the only way to obtain the value of commercial digital," Nicolas Goldstein, CEO of Accenture Chile, pointed out that.


In order to make the virtual conference more friendly, and also to improve the training effect, the multinational technology company Cisco is developing Webex Hologram, which is currently in the preliminary version of the solution. It aims to make the real-time conference more immersive through the holographic experience designed for designers, engineers, scientists and medical professionals.


The company hopes that this type of meeting will promote remote training and solve business problems through the possibility of sharing physical and digital content, support the presenter experience, and allow multiple presenters to participate in the meeting at the same time.


Jorge Salgado, head of collaborative business development at Cisco, explained how to use the tool: "Users will be able to see environmental objects, not just other conference participants. An obvious example of using such a solution is in the field of healthcare or manufacturing. In addition to interaction, 3D users will be able to manipulate objects they need to view from multiple dimensions.".


Goldstein from Accenture Chile said, "Immersive technologies such as holographic images will enable us to successfully promote the hybrid working mode. In this case, there are four key technologies: virtual reality (VR), which is a computer-generated three-dimensional environment that allows people to explore and interact with it. Augmented reality (AR), which is a technology that overlays computer-generated images on the user's view of the real world to provide a composite view. Hybrid reality (MR) , which is a technology that integrates the real world and the virtual world to produce new environments and visualization effects. Extended Reality (RX), including VR, MR, AR, touch, holographic images and immersive tools, as well as various virtual worlds that use and drive our natural feelings.


Cisco's solution combines the realistic 3D hologram with the conference function of Cisco's Webex solution, and uses augmented reality glasses such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.


At present, the market reference price of this system has not been determined, but it will be matched with Cisco Webex Meetings products, message platform, video conference and work conference system for marketing, but not including augmented reality glasses. Therefore, customers will use a model compatible with Webex Hologram.

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