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The characteristics of the financial industry are that industry policies, company resolutions, transaction status, sales analysis, new insurance types, and detailed descriptions of new wealth management products need to be communicated within a short period of time. There are many people, and the communication between them is restricted in many ways. How to build a platform for efficient operation and communication with the help of the existing network infrastructure and PC system in the financial industry has become an urgent problem to be solved in many financial industries.


Video conferencing is used in real-time communication for customers' internal office, virtual cooperation in internal and external remote projects and work, remote (educational) services and training, product demonstrations, press conferences, and roadshows and other public multimedia information transmission. An enterprise that operates across regions with a large number of branches and sales departments. Currently, teleconferences are mostly used when communicating corporate strategies, coordinating work or discussing issues between these sales departments.


The financial industry has a huge customer base. For example, in securities companies, in order to let customers know more about professional funds or stock market knowledge, the company hires experts to give lectures, and conducts lectures for investors and shareholders through a remote network video conference system. Real-time stock reviews, analysis, and audio and video dialogue and interaction with customers attract more investors and investors, while insurance companies use online video conferencing platforms to communicate with prospective customers about various insurance types and claims details. Thereby greatly improving the work efficiency.

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