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Enterprises or institutions in the financial industry have many branches, many levels, and a large number of employees. Work communication such as daily office collaboration, training, meetings, unified scheduling, etc., is carried out very frequently in such large financial institutions, while the traditional collaboration model consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and time, slows down efficiency, and costs a lot for organizing meetings and business trips high. Therefore, the use of video conferencing for work communication and internal training in the financial industry has become the norm in the industry.


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the financial industry is also expanding rapidly, expanding overseas business, setting up overseas branches, and gradually moving from domestic to overseas; in China, it has been deployed from first-tier provinces and cities, and gradually sinks to the construction of township branches. The demand for remote communication caused by rapid expansion has skyrocketed. Banks and other financial institutions have begun to establish video conferencing systems. However, the conference participation points are scattered, the open functions are many, the business volume is large, and the real-time requirements are high, and the requirements for the video conferencing system are extremely high.


Deraweey video conference supports ultra-high concurrency, one-key conference, customized function research and development, and effectively meets the needs of remote communication in the financial industry. In addition, based on the industry characteristics of financial institutions, they have extremely high requirements for security and confidentiality. Deraweey cloud video conference supports private cloud deployment, which greatly improves the security and controllability of internal data in banks. The advantages of cloud video conferencing in the financial industry are as follows:


1. Cloud video conferencing has great advantages in internal training scenarios. Financial institutions, especially securities companies, have high requirements for the professional quality of their employees. The cycle of internal training is generally long, and there are many people participating in the training. Make full use of the cloud video conferencing system to achieve a wide range of face-to-face teaching and training, which can help financial institutions. Organizations save on travel and training costs.


2. Due to the rapidly changing nature of securities information in the securities business, a large amount of information needs to be summarized and updated in a timely manner, and various types of information need to be discussed and negotiated in a timely manner, and remote data collaboration can be realized by using the video conferencing system.


3. Good compatibility and low expansion cost. The branches of financial institutions are widely distributed, even scattered in various cities around the world. Communication is limited by different terminals used by each institution, location, time difference, etc. Timely communication, and because the cloud video conference system is compatible with various terminals, and the cost of expansion is low, you can also join the conference using a computer or mobile phone, which can help financial institutions greatly improve communication efficiency.

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