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With the rapid development of computer information technology and multimedia technology, video conferencing technology has spread to all fields of society, including government, military, enterprise, IT, telecommunications, electricity, education, medical care, securities, finance, manufacturing, etc.


The application scope of the video conference system is very wide, which can be applied in various aspects such as network video conference, collaborative office, online training, telemedicine, and distance education. The video conference system uses cameras and microphones to obtain images and sounds of the site, transmits images and sounds to various venues across the country through network communication technology, and uses large screens and audio to obtain synchronized images and sounds of remote venues. Face-to-face communication. The video conferencing system can also display training courseware and other information by transmitting computer signals to realize the function of online training. Reducing the time and cost of unnecessary business trips has significant advantages and contributions in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection. It greatly saves the company's operating costs and improves communication efficiency.

Nowadays, video conferencing systems have become an indispensable part of the civil aviation system, both in production operation and in office training. However, due to the rapid development of computer information technology and multimedia technology, the old conference system has been difficult to meet people's needs in terms of image and sound effects, and it is easy to malfunction because of aging equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a new video conference room and use new equipment such as high-definition cameras, high-definition projectors and high-quality audio to interact with better images and sounds to achieve high-quality video conferences.


The composition of the video conference system

The video conference system mainly includes high-definition large-screen display system, signal processing system, video conference system, professional conference audio sound reinforcement system, digital conference speech discussion system, camera voice tracking system, central centralized control system and conference sound recording and broadcasting system, etc. Different subsystems with various functions, under the support of the central centralized control system, integrate computers, large screens, audio, digital conferences, cameras, curtains, lighting and other equipment together, and provide participants with pictures and sounds through the simple operation of the wireless touch screen. Bingmao's various conference materials and information facilitate the decision-making of attendees and leaders of the conference, and at the same time, it is more efficient and convenient in many aspects such as multi-party conferences and large-scale exchange activities.

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