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If an enterprise wants to open intelligent office, it is indispensable to have an office conference tablet. Huawei Enterprise Office Treasure Meeting Tablet TV IdeaHub Pro is quite good. It is a real interactive electronic whiteboard smart video all-in-one machine with powerful performance. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios. It is a real high-quality and cost-effective office tablet.


A variety of scenarios can be used freely:

For the tablet, the main requirement I use is that I can conduct various cloud video conferences. Therefore, when choosing video conferencing TV, we should pay particular attention to whether it can be used in multiple scenes. The conference tablet of Huawei Enterprise Office Treasure meets my needs. When reporting the project, you can enter the meeting scene. At this time, you are in the C position, and you can introduce the project more clearly at a glance.


In terms of education, it can open up Huawei smart teachers, and the soft light reflected by it can effectively protect eye health. For the needs of intelligent medical treatment, it can not only open the ecology, but also have three-dimensional surround sound, which gives you full experience.


Smooth operation and shared services:

In daily office work, various office software is indispensable. Therefore, the performance of the tablet is particularly important. Whether the software can run smoothly has become one of the criteria for selection. Huawei Office Treasure Video Conference TV can easily do this. Under the condition that multiple software runs at the same time, it can still be orderly. There has never been a jam, and even the delay can be ignored. It is really a blessing for office workers.


In addition, the platform also supports file sharing services, such as one click sharing and online sharing, so as to avoid the tedious work repeatedly sent to colleagues, effectively improving the efficiency of work and creating a new office experience.


Fashionable and flexible, worth choosing:

I have also considered many brands of different brands, but the conference tablet of Huawei Enterprise Office Treasure has won my heart. All aspects of the design have been taken into consideration, so the use experience is better and the convenience is realized. The tablet has a professional 4K camera, and the images can be shot clearly and transmitted accurately, which is quite good for video conferencing. And its low latency writing improves the office efficiency, almost one second after writing. The design of remote two-way cooperation is more suitable for the current environment. Even if you work at home, you can also achieve multi person function design, and you don't worry about working in different places. It's really love.


Huawei Enterprise Office Treasure Meeting Tablet TV IdeaHub Pro can be said to be a blessing for office workers. It can help improve their office efficiency and open the office experience. You can try something and find surprises.

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