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Introduction to the characteristics and application advantages of video conferencing solutions in the financial industry

At present, the training modes in the financial industry can be roughly divided into three modes: on-site training, centralized training, and online learning and training. On-site training requires all trainees to be invited to the training headquarters, which not only wastes time but also costs a lot of travel expenses. , and the training space is limited, large-scale training also requires renting a large conference room in the hotel, and the training content often cannot be played back well, such training is very restrictive.


Centralized training is to use video conference terminals for training and learning. Due to the limited coverage of the video conference system, it can only be deployed in the conference room. Such training also requires the relevant training personnel to be concentrated in the conference room for learning, which also wastes time and increases the training. The cost and the training effect are not ideal. After the training, the exam cannot be realized, and the effect of the training cannot be quantified. What the financial industry currently needs is desktop-to-desktop interactive training and learning, quantitative assessment, and an information-based system platform that can hold work conferences and other applications.

The training mode and needs of the financial industry can be well solved by using the video conference system. The video video conference solution includes three major applications: interactive training, training and examination, and work collaboration. It can realize real-time audio and video interaction, live screen data, courseware on-demand, online examination, work exchange and other applications, meeting the training needs of the financial industry.


The application value of video conferencing solutions in the financial industry:

1. Break through the limitations of space

In the past, small-scale and large-scale training required personnel from various business outlets to go to the branch or headquarters conference room to gather all personnel for training. Training venues needed to be prepared, and large-scale training also required renting a hotel conference room for holding. With this video conference system, distance learning, business communication, examination and assessment, etc. can be realized directly at the workplace, without any venue restrictions.


2. Save training time

There is a certain distance between each business outlet and the branch or headquarters. For example, a small training session is organized each time. Each training time is 2 hours. In the case of traffic jams, it takes 2 hours for each training to go back and forth. With this video conference system, training meetings can be held anytime and anywhere, saving at least 50% of the time.


3. Reduce training costs

In the past training, all trainees needed to be concentrated in the branch or headquarters conference room, so both the initiator of the training and the trainees must bear the expenses such as travel expenses and meals. It can realize distance learning, business communication, examination and assessment, etc., which greatly reduces the training cost.


4. Improve the effect of examination and assessment

Whether it is on-site training, centralized training or online learning training, it is impossible to quantify and evaluate the effect of training, but the use of financial training system can realize real-time examination assessment, video invigilation, examination lock screen and examination status capture and save in the form of pictures , to solve the problem of trainees cheating in exams.


5. Improve personnel business ability

The financial training system can be used to hold interactive training meetings in real time, communicate with internal employees at any time, and communicate relevant spiritual policies. Each employee can also use this system to conduct business exchanges and share work skills, which greatly improves the staff's skills. Operational capacity.


6. Strengthen the daily management of business departments

In addition to holding training meetings, this system can also hold work exchange meetings, morning meetings, evening meetings, monthly meetings and other meetings, and can carry out document transmission and text communication, which strengthens the daily management of business departments. .

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