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In business talks, we often encounter video conference scenes, and video conference cameras must be used. Generally, the camera used for video has limited viewing angle, and the transmission quality of conference sound is also very ordinary. The Meeting Owl series products of Owl Labs solved this problem well. Meeting Owl Pro also won the innovation award of CES 2020.


Among the current numerous video conference cameras, Meeting Owl and Meeting Owl Pro are the only intelligent devices that integrate 360 ° cameras, microphones and speakers. When it is placed in the center of the table, it will use visual and voice recognition functions to automatically transfer the camera to anyone who speaks, and use predictive AI technology to adapt to the meeting space. These two smart devices are provided by Owl Intelligence System ™ (Owl intelligent system). The use of Meeting Owl series products will make the team and remote participants feel like sitting in the same room, thus improving the interaction between people.


The new generation of video conference camera Meeting Owl, that is, the meeting Owl Pro newly launched by Owl Labs, provides users with a higher fidelity experience, and makes any meeting room a smart meeting room ™ (Smart conference room), which will reshape the way distributed team members collaborate in the conference room. With Meeting Owl Pro, meeting space will become more and more intelligent with the integration of new software and the continuous development of functions. Meeting Owl Pro has a new intelligent amplification function, which can be used to identify, locate and magnify the speaker.


The main configuration of Meeting Owl Pro includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 605 processor, a 1080p resolution camera, a three speaker system, and an enhanced Owl Intelligence System with auto focus and intelligent magnification functions ™ (Owl intelligent system), 24 foot radius audio pickup, 8 smart microphones can equalize voice volume, and plug and play through USB 2.0. Meeting Owl Pro can adapt to large conference room space, and can work seamlessly with all mainstream video conference platforms (such as Zoom, Google Meeting, Skype for Business, etc.), and almost all enterprises can obtain it at a price lower than 1000.

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