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Logitech CC5500e video conference system evaluation: highly integrated high-quality video conference experience


Nowadays, video conferencing has become the choice of many enterprises. Through video conferencing, we can get rid of space constraints, open meetings efficiently and conveniently, communicate, improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, and reduce operating costs.


Although video conference is good, it often faces various problems in the process of practical application. In particular, for some medium and large conference rooms, just completing the deployment of the conference system is a headache for many enterprises. Recently, Logitech launched a CC5500e video conference system. Although it is aimed at medium and large conference rooms, it still adopts an integrated design, which is very rare among various conference systems on the market. With a high degree of integration, the CC5500e can bring a very convenient use experience. Even in medium and large conference rooms, everything is easy to do. Now, let's take a concrete look at its performance.


Logitech video conferencing equipment——Integrated design, audio and video performance upgrade


Previously, we also experienced Logitech's CC5000e conference system, which has quite good audio and video performance. The modular design also reduces the difficulty of deployment and brings an excellent experience to video conferencing. On the basis of CC5000e, Logitech will further integrate and upgrade the modular design to an integrated design, making it more convenient to use.


The whole shape of CC5500e is very simple and suitable for business occasions. The large camera in the middle is like a big eye, which has a very good overall aesthetics and can be well adapted to various conference room environments. This high degree of integration further improves the ease of use of the conference system, especially for some enterprises to upgrade existing conference rooms, which can further reduce the difficulty of conference system deployment.


It is worth mentioning that Logitech has brought an elegant white color scheme in addition to the traditional black color scheme, which is relatively rare in the video conference system and more suitable for some relaxed and lively conference room styles. Especially for some young entrepreneurial companies, white color matching can better integrate their relatively younger corporate style.


The most eye-catching thing in the whole conference system is the camera in the middle. Of course, it is also excellent in terms of parameters. It supports up to 4K 30fps image quality, and can also adapt to 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p and standard definition resolutions. The camera has a 82.1 ° horizontal field of vision, supports 25 ° translation on the left and right, and 15 ° pitch angle on the top and bottom, which can well cover all corners of the conference room.


At the same time, the camera also supports up to 15x high-definition zoom to meet the needs of highlighting some details during the meeting. We can also see from the actual screenshots of the meeting that the whole picture is very clear.


In addition, Logitech's proud RightSense technology will not be lost. With the help of RightLight technology, we can see that the picture quality has been significantly improved. Both the indoor characters and the sunset glow outside the window are clearly presented with rich details.


On the left side of the main camera, Logitech has added an AI camera this time. What unique functions does it have? As we know, in order to improve the experience of video conference, Logitech provides an automatic view taking function for the video conference system: RightSight technology, which means that the camera can capture people in the conference room. When participants walk or enter the conference, the camera can adjust the angle and focus in real time according to the position of the person to ensure that all participants will appear in the middle of the picture.


However, there is a problem with previous products. If someone walks into the conference room and stays out of the picture, and the camera does not capture the person, it will not be adjusted naturally.


This time, AI cameras are added to solve this problem. AI camera can provide a stable indoor view and camera personnel, to avoid the situation that the main camera does not capture personnel due to rotation, which further improves the effect of RightSight.


We also simulated the corresponding scene. It can be seen that every time people enter, the camera can capture and adjust in a very timely manner, which greatly improves the meeting experience. And the speed of the whole capture plus camera adjustment is also very fast. It can respond in 2 or 3 seconds, bringing a very good use experience.


Although it is a video conference, we know that voice is also a very important part of conference communication. CC5500e also performs well in this regard. It has a built-in high-performance speaker driver and an adaptive beam forming microphone, which can provide excellent sound pickup and playback.


In particular, for the pickup part, in addition to the use of beamforming microphones in hardware, Logitech also adds the support of RightSound technology, which can effectively suppress background noise and echo, and can automatically adjust the volume of voice and other sounds to distinguish, so as to bring better communication effects.


In addition, if you are worried that the conference room is too large, which will affect the pickup effect, Logitech CC5500e also supports up to three additional CC5500e microphones to expand, so as to bring a better conference experience.


As we mentioned earlier, Logitech CC5500e has adopted an integrated design this time, which naturally aims to improve the usability of the product and reduce the difficulty of deployment. In fact, this concept is not just about integration. We can see that on the back of the fuselage, Logitech provides an enterprise level cabling design. Logitech has considered how to route each interface and cable. You only need to route according to the card slot behind the fuselage to achieve a very regular routing, which is the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


In terms of control, Logitech also provides a fully functional remote control for the CC5500e. You can use the remote control to adjust the camera rotation, zoom, volume adjustment, and hang up meetings.


Built in conference system, truly plug and play


After looking at the hardware configuration, let's talk about the conference experience. Generally speaking, a complete video conference system includes audio and video input devices, such as the microphone and camera mentioned above, and output devices, including large screen and speakers. In addition, you also need a conference host or laptop to run the conference software and conduct a video conference.


But this time, Logitech made a very bold innovation. It not only integrated the hardware, but also built an Android system inside the conference system, and directly deployed the conference software inside. In this way, users can really realize the plug and play experience after getting the device.


Logitech currently provides CC5500e with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom conference systems for users to choose from. In the future, it will also support more conference software to meet more usage needs.


At the same time, Logitech also provides TP100 conference room touch controller to facilitate users to better complete the initial configuration of CC5500e and daily conference management operations.


Through TP100, you can complete various initial settings of CC5500e, such as network settings, whether the functions such as RightSight are enabled, and the login of conference software accounts.


In addition, you can directly control meetings on TP100, including making appointments and initiating meetings; Personnel management during the meeting, such as fast mute, join, remove, etc. It realizes the efficient control of the whole video conference.


It is worth mentioning that Logitech has also upgraded the TP100 this time. With POE power supply, the connection of TP100 is further simplified. Only one network cable is needed to complete the connection with CC5500e, which is consistent with the product concept of CC5500e.



Integration is the biggest highlight of Logitech CC5500e, which is not only reflected in the physical integration, but also the comprehensive integration of conference software. The comprehensive combination of software and hardware further improves the usability of the conference system, and truly realizes the plug and play feature. At the same time, in terms of product performance, CC5500e has also made comprehensive progress. In addition to the camera with better picture quality, an AI camera has also been added to improve the success rate and response speed of the RightSight automatic viewfinder function. The introduction of white color matching enables the product to adapt to more office environments with different styles. It can be said that Logitech CC5500e conference system is a very worthwhile choice in terms of product aesthetics and product performance.

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