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Why be a caring person? Because life is changing too fast, the world is changing too fast, knowledge is out of date too fast. Only with a heart can you keep learning, accumulating, and catching up.

Rapidly changing times learning tools are also being updated

"In this time of confusion, not only knowledge is updated, but also the channels through which humans acquire knowledge are constantly changing. The development of video conferencing technology has made online education from a trend to a mainstream. In the future society, no learning When people want to learn, they may be directly persuaded by learning tools.

In the past, the main form of online education was recording and broadcasting courses, or one-way communication that could only be one-to-many. The development of video conferencing technology has made online education more possible. So to move offline classrooms to online, and still be lively and interesting, what functions need to be implemented?

First, immersive audio and video effects must be satisfied, so as to ensure the on-site experience of teaching and learning; second, teachers and students must be able to interact in real time; third, there needs to be a platform that can display teaching blackboard writing in real time. Finally, there must be a timetable function, a recording function, and so on. The high-definition audio and video technology, interactive attributes and sharing function of the full-time cloud conference can easily meet these needs.



01Training institutions enrich the application of teaching mode

small class, large class

The most important requirement of this one-to-many classroom is real-time multi-party interaction. So how can classroom interaction be easily achieved with full-time cloud meetings?

Raise your hand to interact: In order to maintain classroom order, when there are too many students in the class, the teacher can turn on the mute of the whole class and click a button, and the whole classroom will be quiet. It is estimated that the teacher of the physical class especially hopes to have such a button in class. But remember to turn on the raise hand function. If students have questions, they can click to raise their hands to request interaction.

Interrupt the teacher at any time: In this case, the teacher does not turn on the overall mute, and the students mute themselves. When there is a problem, they can turn on their microphone at any time and ask the teacher a question.

One-to-one online class

One-on-one is actually moving the traditional tutoring scene online. Technically, it is only necessary to realize the real-time transmission of audio and video. Theoretically speaking, the commonly used communication software can also meet the needs, but the communication software is characterized by immediacy, and the system cannot make reservations in advance. The function of the class schedule is a major flaw. In the information age, it is too inappropriate to have to handwrite the curriculum. The full-time cloud meeting integrates the calendar function, supports advance reservation of courses, and can automatically remind you if there is a conflict in the schedule.

Double teacher classroom

The dual-teacher classroom needs to put the real-time video of the remote teacher on the big screen and show it to the students, which requires higher video clarity. The full-time cloud conference adopts a special algorithm, the video is clearer under the same traffic, and the realization of 1080P resolution is just a routine operation.

02School education as a supplement to the classroom model

Last week, a university teacher posted an article saying: "Students' test scores have increased by about 10 points this year, especially for low-ranking students." And the reason turned out to be online classes. The course video can be played back at any time, which is much more convenient for students who have not caught up with the progress during the class. The video recording function of the conference software has inadvertently become a review artifact. The operation is also very simple, just click the record button.

03Individual practitioners, with online teaching entry qualifications

The biggest advantage of software video teaching is its low cost. You only need a computer and a broadband to start the class, and you don't even need a real classroom. The powerful sharing function of the full-time cloud conference can display PPT online, eliminating the need for projection equipment; the electronic whiteboard function can replace the blackboard to display teaching blackboard writing; the sharing video function can freely play teaching videos. As long as you have teaching qualifications, you can start online classes without expensive equipment

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