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Securities industry units generally have many branches and many levels, and the number of employees is also very large, thousands, tens of thousands or even more. These large organizations have frequent daily communication and collaboration, training, meetings, and unified scheduling needs. The traditional communication and collaboration model consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and time, which not only slows down the communication speed and efficiency, but also makes the organization's The cost of meeting and business trip expenses has become an obstacle to energy saving and efficiency improvement of enterprises.


Video conferencing has functions such as remote business communication, remote collaboration, online live broadcast, etc. By using video conferencing systems in the financial securities industry, it can improve the communication efficiency in the daily work of the financial securities industry and reduce the cost of human, material and financial resources, which can be embodied in the following aspects: aspects:


(1) The business outlets of the financial and securities industry are widely distributed. Most outlets are scattered in various cities, and the communication between them is restricted in many ways. The use of the video conference system can realize convenient and timely communication between various departments. communication.


(2) The securities industry has high requirements for the professional quality of employees, and training is often carried out within the company, and the training generally takes a period of time, and there are many people who need to participate in the training. Face-to-face teaching and training.


(3) Due to the rapidly changing nature of securities information in the securities business, a large amount of information needs to be summarized and updated in a timely manner, and various types of information need to be discussed and negotiated in a timely manner. The use of video conferencing systems can realize remote data collaboration.


In addition, the network video conferencing system has made major breakthroughs in economy, convenience, applicability, security, etc. One conference can support thousands of people online at the same time, and can support multiple conferences at the same time, which can fully protect securities companies and branches. The communication between them enables relevant personnel to conduct timely discussions and consultations on various types of information, and to conduct face-to-face teaching and training of new employees on a large scale.

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