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With the advent of the era of global economic integration and network economy, the impact of information technology on the financial industry has become more and more obvious, and the level of informatization has become a decisive factor in the competitiveness of financial institutions. How to build a platform for efficient operation and communication with the help of the existing network foundation and PC system in the financial industry has become a public problem faced by many financial industries.


In order to solve the above problems, help financial institutions to achieve simpler and more convenient communication, and enhance their own competitiveness, as a well-known audio and video conferencing solution brand and service provider—Deraweey, it has been committed to the innovation of audio and video conferencing in various industries for many years. Applications, such as: remote video, remote education, remote training, telemedicine, remote emergency, etc.

The video conferencing system is a cross-platform instant audio and video solution. It can not only help financial institutions to solve the problem of instant communication and instant communication among branches, but also conduct online training on new business, which not only realizes the communication and distribution, but also saves travel costs. Maximize work efficiency and facilitate the distribution and management of daily meetings and work.


Deraweey video conferencing system integrates advanced audio and video technology and data collaboration functions, providing high-definition video, desktop synchronization, program sharing, file transfer, text exchange, meeting recording, business queuing and other rich data collaboration functions. And online real-time training business extends to the desktop. Through the close integration with the original hardware video conference platform, telephone system, and software of the existing business system of financial institutions, the compatibility of the system and the utilization rate of equipment are improved. It is a comprehensive video service development platform with complete functions.


Application scenarios

1) Video conferencing

2) Large-scale business training

3) Instant meeting

4) Remote expert business consultation

5) Remote account opening

6) Video verification

7) Business queuing


Application benefits

1) Greatly improve work efficiency and make office operations more agile

2) Conducive to the flattening of bank management and speed up the promotion of new business

3) Suitable for large-scale business training to accelerate the growth of new employees

4) Reduce communication costs and time, and reduce energy consumption.

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