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Today, although the video conference on PC and mobile phone can meet most of the daily work communication needs of enterprises, in the high-level video conference that requires complex on-site discussion or large screen collaboration demonstration, enterprise employees still need to conduct video conference in the enterprise's video conference room, which not only makes communication more convenient and flexible, but also leaves a more professional and formal impression on external partners, exchanges and customers.

To improve the video conference experience, you may need more professional video conference room solutions 0

However, in the past, the conference rooms of many enterprises were not popular with employees or did not have video conference room with advanced equipment at all; Some conference rooms of enterprises are equipped with projectors, microphones, speakers, telephones, independent video conference systems and other equipment, which are independent and disconnected from each other. Professional conference attendants are often required to debug the equipment during video conferences, which will lead to the phenomenon of "half an hour of meetings, 20 minutes of debugging". The conference preparation is lengthy, delaying the efficiency of the conference. When using conference room projectors in some conference rooms, various adapters are required due to different equipment interfaces, which not only delays the meeting time, but also sometimes the resolution becomes strange after connecting, affecting the appearance. There are also some conference room projectors in the video conference scene. Because the two need to be operated separately, local projection and online conference sharing often forget to switch synchronously, which increases the burden on the sharers.


In addition to the above typical situations, employees have various roast about enterprise video conference room, and it is not easy for enterprises to build a video conference room with intelligent integration, strong access compatibility, and centralized management functions. Therefore, it is more convenient and reliable for enterprises to choose a professional, mature, and reliable integrated video conference room solution.

To improve the video conference experience, you may need more professional video conference room solutions 1

Tencent Video Conference Room, a new generation of cloud video conference room solution specially created for offline conference space, was born for this purpose. Tencent Conference Rooms integrates high-definition audio and video conference, wireless projection screen, cooperative whiteboard, centralized management background and other common video conference functions, and opens audio and video certification standards and technologies. It cooperates with many leading hardware brands in the industry to customize special hardware for conference rooms, which is suitable for large/medium/small conference rooms, training rooms, personal offices, open spaces and other scenarios, Refresh the video conference experience of the enterprise conference room in an all-round way.


First of all, Tencent Video Conference Room supports high-definition video conference, supports up to 1080P high-definition image quality, and has intelligent audio and video noise reduction function, allowing participants to enjoy an extremely smooth experience. At the same time, Tencent Conference Rooms supports participants to join the conference and launch a quick conference, quickly connecting internal and external partners. "One click to join the conference" saves a lot of conference equipment debugging and invitation trouble, making "meeting for half an hour, debugging for 20 minutes" officially a thing of the past. In addition, Tencent Conference Rooms is equipped with smart large screen hardware, which can use Tencent Conference Rooms to cast screens wirelessly whether it is a multi terminal remote conference or a local collaboration. It also supports mobile phone computer one click projection to Rooms, making the projection more flexible. In the screen projection, Tencent Conference Rooms can maintain real-time high-definition and low latency, support multiple annotations, and carry out discussions efficiently. Participants can also choose to share desktop or designated applications to protect user information from disclosure. For the centralized management of equipment, which is the most troublesome problem for enterprise managers, Tencent Conference Rooms also provided a good solution. With the centralized management background, enterprise administrators can conduct remote centralized management of all rooms equipment in the enterprise, including the use of data, equipment operation and maintenance, software upgrade, abnormal alarm, etc., saving management and control costs and improving maintenance efficiency.

To improve the video conference experience, you may need more professional video conference room solutions 2

In a word, Tencent Video Conference Room provides enterprises with a series of professional conference room services from conference software and hardware support, video conference experience optimization, compatibility optimization, practical functions to centralized management, which saves enterprises a lot of time and labor costs for investigating and purchasing hardware equipment, debugging, learning and management, and returns everyone to the essence of "meeting" in the conference room, Get rid of complex conference room deployment and other interference factors, and carry out efficient collaboration to better gather consensus.

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