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For many professionals, video conferencing has become an important part of our daily life. Some of us need to talk to the team many times a day, which can make the meeting experience boring, especially when you are staring at the walls and other backgrounds of colleagues' homes. In order to make the meeting experience more attractive, you can use some beautiful backgrounds with the theme of travel to make you feel that you are not in the living room.


1 - Great Wall of China


"Hello, the Great Wall of China! I am the Sea of Dreams". "Hello, Yunhai, I'm the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is the first military project in ancient China. It was built by the First Emperor of Qin when he unified the world. The total length of the Great Wall is 21000 kilometers, so it is called the Great Wall, and it is listed as a world cultural heritage.


2 - Chicago Skyscraper


Take your colleagues on an exciting trip to the iconic Chicago. This unique attraction is located on the 103rd floor above the city above the Willis Tower. To get to the skyscraper, you need to walk onto The Ledger, which is a series of glass corridors extending around the building. If you look down, you may feel that you are floating in the air!


3 - Haigang Village


It is common for white-collar professionals to visit the Bahamas once a year to relax, drink cocktails and take a sunbath. Although you may miss it this year, that doesn't mean you can't show up in the Netherlands Caribbean Islands!


4 - Strakhov Library


The libraries in Europe are completely different from those in North America, and the Strahov Library in Prague is no exception. In the Strahov Library, books are not the main content - but art on the ceiling is. This multi floor room was hand-painted by Czech artists and filled with strange objects, such as the remains of the dodo.


5 - Pulpit Rock


It takes seven hours to get to Pulpit Rock by bus from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Is it worth it? absolutely! Norway's mountain landscape is not only breathtaking, but also closely followed by the world-famous Kjeragbolten (pumice).


6 - Sunset in Africa


Africa is a huge and diverse continent, stretching from the Mediterranean to South Africa. Its fascinating history and emerging political power are almost as incredible as the amazing scenery and beautiful animal life - the giraffe is one of them!

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