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In fact, video conference rooms are not only limited to IT technology enterprises and FMCG industries, but also have become standardized collaboration scenarios for organizations.

MAXHUB uses a 48 megapixel camera in the video conference room built in the classic version of V6, equipped with an independent ISP image processor, which can realize intelligent photography, speaker close-up and other video conference functions. Team remote communication is like face-to-face communication.

In the V6 audio and video versions, the industry has launched the first integrated dual camera video conference room solution, a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle main camera, which can easily shoot participants in large conference rooms, and an 8 megapixel long focus cloud platform camera, which can achieve triple optical zoom and clearly locate speakers.

The V6 technical version uses the new generation 4800W flip dual camera cloud platform camera, triple optical zoom cloud platform camera and other equipment to build a video conference room. It supports four tracking modes: intelligent shooting, fixed position, portrait tracking, and sound source positioning. It can set key participants through the development of portrait tracking functions. The lens always pays attention to the set key close-up shots.


1. Scale matching.


1) For large and medium-sized video conference room: large conference rooms have higher requirements for the size of conference tablets and the professionalism of audio and video. For large conference rooms, MAXHUB V6 Audio Video Professional Edition and V6 Technology Edition both use cutting-edge technology to support strong audio performance. For example, the V6 audio and video professional version integrates the Teana module and is equipped with a new 8-array microphone, which can realize 180 ° wide-angle, 12 meter long and clear pickup in all directions in the conference room; For the first time, the bilateral gap sound design is adopted, which is relatively horizontal to the human ear position, enhancing the horizontal sound effect, covering a wider range and improving the sense of scene. Remote conversation is like being in the same conference room. The V6 technology version adopts innovative top gap sound technology, so that the distance volume difference between the conference room and the near room is less than 6db, the audience's voice is even, the front row does not vibrate, and the rear row can hear clearly.

Large video conference room have higher requirements for the size of conference tablets and the professionalism of audi 0

It is worth mentioning that the full screen design is adopted in the V6 technology version, and the screen accounts for 95.2%. The new interstellar grey oxidation process is adopted to make the office space more luxurious and become the business card of enterprise taste.


2) For small and medium-sized video conference room: whether it is small and micro enterprise conference rooms, personal studios or regular conference rooms of large group companies, conference tablets need higher cost performance and flexibility. Especially for group companies, large-scale procurement, deployment of conference tablets, cost-effective, highly integrated MAXHUBV6 classic conference tablets will help them reduce costs and improve efficiency. The upgrading of smart meeting rooms will not be pieced together at a low cost.


2. Application matching degree:


1) Compatibility: MAXHUBV6 series conference tablets can be compatible with a variety of office applications, adapt to mainstream external accessories, and improve the collaboration efficiency of video conference rooms.


2) Experience: In 2022, MAXHUBV6 series conference tablets will improve beginners' learning ability through various measures, such as non sensing screen projection technology and NFC technology, so that users can more effectively complete wireless screen transmission. In addition, by cooperating with the MAXHUB client, users can quickly participate in the conference through personal mobile phones or computers, from local to remote, from the conference room to personal office space, to achieve efficient collaboration in the whole process of the conference.


3) Integration: MAXHUBV6 series conference tablet computer integrates high-definition display, touch writing, wireless screen projection, remote video conference and other functions, and is compatible with a variety of office applications. At the same time, it can adapt to the MAXHUB intelligent meeting 3.0 solution, making the pre meeting organization simple, efficient cooperation during the meeting, and real-time follow-up of post meeting tasks.


4) Cost performance ratio: According to the official disclosure, the pricing of the MAXHUBV6 classic version will continue to follow the people-oriented route, providing price universality for enterprises of different sizes and needs.

Large video conference room have higher requirements for the size of conference tablets and the professionalism of audi 1

5) After sales service: At present, MAXHUB has more than 1500 service outlets, covering more than 700 cities in China, and more than 9500 service engineers are on call. At the same time, MAXHUB intelligent customer service and manual customer service are online all year round to provide users with professional consulting services. Really achieve: where there is demand, there is MAXHUB service.


To sum up, MAXHUB V6 series conference tablets can become the first choice of intelligent conference tablets required by enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in different industries, different sizes, and diversified needs, to achieve efficient conference collaboration, stimulate team productivity, and improve the value of enterprise conferences. 

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