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The conference room is an important office space for enterprises. It not only undertakes the functions of internal cooperative office work, but also undertakes the functions of foreign business, talks and so on. Generally, companies with remote office space will build video conference rooms to facilitate remote communication and collaboration. With the development of technology, video conference rooms also gradually undertake online communication with some customers. As shown in the figure below, in addition to video conference software, what other auxiliary hardware devices are needed in the video conference room?




Generally speaking, video conference rooms need monitors. At present, mainstream conference rooms use large size monitors or LCD TVs. In super large conference rooms, combined screens are generally used, which are connected to computers through HDMI and VGA cables. At present, there are many kinds of monitors on the market, and the price difference between different brands is not large. Enterprises can choose the appropriate monitors according to their own needs.


In addition, the high-end video conference terminals launched by Huawei, Cisco, Polycom and other enterprises will integrate cameras, monitors, microphones, and even electronic whiteboards. As shown in the figure below, this device highly integrates many devices in the video conference room, achieving a highly refined and simplified conference room.

What hardware equipment should be purchased for the video conference room? 0

The display is generally purchased according to the size, demand and budget of the conference room. For example, for a medium-sized video conference room, enterprises can purchase three to six screens to cooperate with the cloud video conference of the cloud horizon, so as to ensure that small partners in multiple locations in the conference room can see the conference screen at the same time. As shown in the above figure, one display displays the real effect image and the other displays the shared image.


Video conference room level camera


Video communication in the conference room also requires conference level cameras. Cloud video conference adaptation in the cloud horizon supports the terminal access of standard SIP protocols. At present, mainstream Cisco, Huawei, Polycom and other brand cameras can be registered in the cloud. In the cloud computing era, strong software development capability is constantly improving the compatibility between devices. When selecting cameras, enterprises can make a comprehensive evaluation from camera technology, price and parameters, Select the appropriate video conference camera


In addition, since the camera is directly related to the sharpness of the video conference room during the meeting, it is better to test and experience it in person. Different conference rooms have different requirements for cameras. Generally speaking, the mainstream large video conference rooms can choose 12x or 20x digital zoom cameras.


Omnidirectional microphone


The voice requirements in video conference are high. Generally, in order to ensure the audio quality of video communication, the system will be equipped with corresponding microphones and speakers. In addition, due to the large number of people in the video conference room, the voice is chaotic, and the microphones in the general video conference room need to have sound processing functions such as echo cancellation.


In general, the microphone in a video conference room is mainly determined by the number of participants and the size of the venue. For example, in a small and medium-sized conference room, a microphone with a pickup radius of 3 to 5 meters can be selected. In a super large video conference room, an omnidirectional microphone is used with an extended microphone to increase the reception range. In addition, the decoration of the video conference room has an obvious impact on the sound. Generally speaking, the video conference room should avoid too smooth decoration. Carpets, tablecloths, curtains, etc. are generally used to reduce the indoor echo.


HD adapter cable and equipment remote control


In addition to the above main equipment, the video conference room will generally be equipped with a transfer line and remote control. The transfer line is generally used for screen projection or screen sharing. However, as the cloud video conference of cloud horizon supports wireless screen projection, the transfer line is generally not required.


Remote control is mainly the remote control of the display and camera, mainly the switch control and the adjustment and setting of some display parameters. Generally speaking, the brightness, contrast and other parameters of the display need to be adjusted by the remote control equipment. In the video conference room, the appropriate screen parameters are usually adjusted according to the network requirements and rarely changed. Generally, remote control is equipped with equipment, so it must be kept well.

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