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Seven video conference meeting technology trends in 2022

Seven video conference meeting technology trends in 2022 0

1) Security and privacy features are critical

As the company begins to rely on video conference meeting for business, we need security and privacy functions to ensure intellectual property protection and maintain trade secrets.


Most top video conference meeting platforms now provide complete end-to-end encryption, multifactor authentication and audit reports to maintain the privacy of user data.


2) Video conference meeting technology will continue to improve user experience

Video conference meeting is prone to technical difficulties, thus disrupting the process of important meetings. How many times have you been delayed in attending a meeting due to user errors or outdated browsers?


The user experience will become more seamless and reliable, with easier login functions. Joining a video conference meeting is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email, without any hassle or confusing user interface.


Many companies now use browser based video conference meeting, so joining a conference is as simple as clicking a link, bypassing user login names and passwords.


3) Video and audio quality will be central

"Zoom fatigue" is mainly caused by poor audio and video quality, which damages the video conferencing experience.


We have all encountered situations where you just promoted your company or answered a question, but asked another person to say, "Sorry, can you repeat that? Maybe we should all close our video. At this time, your video conference has become a teleconference.


Therefore, the video conference platform now places higher priority on improving the voice quality of VoIP to obtain more natural sound quality.


Upgrading the video resolution is another top priority of the video conference platform, which improves the full HD and 4K resolution to become the standards in the future.


With the improvement of sound and video quality, Tencent conference fatigue will be greatly reduced, making your video conference easier.


4) Increase participation through gamification

Adding gamification is a relatively new technology trend in video conference, and also an effective way to inject fun into the conference, which can stimulate participants to improve their attention and participation.


As our attention scope becomes more and more dispersed, the gamification enables the meeting hosts to be responsible and get the attention they deserve.


Common gamification techniques can include sending participants to a breakout room where they can complete tasks, polls or mini games in exchange for points.


Another increasingly popular gamification technology is the combination of video conference platform and online games, allowing participants to compete with each other.


Use your creativity to create mini games and challenges that will energize your meetings. The additional benefit is that any participation you collect will translate into valuable participant insights and data that you can use to refine and develop future activities and marketing efforts.


5) Integrate tools and technologies to make videoconferencing more efficient and cost-effective

The function of video conference platform is far more than hosting video based chat between people. They are a constructive tool for sharing files, screen sharing, presentation slides, allowing remote screen control, and providing real-time translation and transcription (more on the AI part).


Video conferencing platforms are often integrated with calendar, CRM, Dropbox, e-mail marketing tools and channel based messaging platforms (such as Slack) to create a cost-effective way to run business meetings.


6) Progress in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are new technology trends of video conferencing, which help to make video conferencing sound better and visually more attractive. A recent study of Zoom users found that 73% predicted that AI would be beneficial to video conferencing applications.


AI can now automatically detect and reduce noise, instead of keeping your participants in a silent state, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak during the meeting, instead of the awkward belch of speaking in a silent state.


Is your office cluttered or distracting? AI can automatically detect your background and blur it, or replace it with a pleasant and minimal background, so as not to distract your attention.


AI also acts as an assistant in the meeting, which can automatically detect which speaker is speaking, so as to prioritize which participant's screen should be enlarged.


Are you holding a multicultural conference or a multi barrier free conference? AI can provide real-time transcription and translation to improve real-time oral communication. As we have seen in other industries that have been positively affected by AI, the possibilities are endless.


The display effect of ordinary video conference cameras is poor when the ambient light in the conference room is not bright enough. Naiwu's video conferencing all-in-one ultra high-definition camera also supports the low light effect+HDR function, which can automatically adjust to a brighter display effect.


In order to enable the participants sitting in the distance and the speakers at the nearby conference to enter the camera clearly, the 4K HDR ultra-high definition camera supports 5x digital zoom+digital translation+AI function (independently developed core algorithm).


When the AI function is turned on, no matter which colleague is speaking (walking or sitting down), the camera will automatically focus on the position of the speaker and present a portrait close-up. In the actual experience process, when the video conference picture zooms, it is smooth and natural to ignore the sense of frustration.


Portrait shooting will automatically present the best picture of participants according to the participants and their positions in the conference room. When the number of participants increases or decreases, the screen will automatically adjust the appropriate field of vision to ensure that all participants are in the video conference screen.


7) Tracking audience behavior and measuring performance through video conferencing technology

Depending on the size and frequency of the video conference, you need to measure and track the audience's behavior to quantify the success of the event.


Choose a powerful video conference platform, which can measure conference registration or RSVP, attendance, time spent in activities, number of interactions, use of applause, number of files shared, transactions completed, potential customers collected, etc.


As data analysts become one of the fastest growing professions, it is important to track as much user behavior as possible to gather valuable insights. Your user data repository can help you conduct better video conferencing and improve the company's communication, but only if you can track it first.

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