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In recent years, the video conference meeting system industry has gradually developed and matured, and has penetrated into all areas of our lives. Now times have changed, "video conference meeting" has been upgraded to "cloud video conference meeting", which is widely used in all aspects of work and life.


Bringing forth new meeting modes

Video conference meeting, from a dedicated conference room full of hardware systems to a meeting held after picking up a smartphone and "clicking" on the screen. After more than a decade, the video conference, which was once common in news reports, is actually a kind of video conference. The mode of video conference meeting held through 4G/3G network is more deeply subdivided. Conference rooms and office PCs have become commonplace, and mobile phones include tablets, smartphones Smart watches, and even people began to try "cloud conferencing in the air", of course, through tablets rather than mobile phones. In a word, video conferencing, which has been pushed out of the old, is becoming ubiquitous.


Video conferencing is more than just meetings

There are more and more modes available for video conferencing. Of course, people will discover that it is far more valuable than the conference part. In fact, as early as a few years ago, some enterprises used it for innovative video networking. More and more companies have branches all over the world. Video conferencing is the only way to enable colleagues from all regions and departments to "meet every day" and collaborate smoothly, The video conference product display is also rich and vivid, and more cost-effective. Therefore, various meetings, trade fairs, annual conferences, remote training, video lectures, and remote consultations all open their markets by virtue of the video conference platform.


Did you use the video conference today?

Today, no matter in the government, state-owned enterprises or private companies, video conferencing is almost an essential work assistant. Especially in the first tier cities, workers have begun to experience the enterprise ecology in the cloud. The video conferencing system covers a wider range, and can be operated at will from internal and external communication, office collaboration, information sharing, which will become a new trend of video conferencing and a new platform for enterprises and workers.


Seven benefits of video conferencing:

1. Higher interaction effect Compared with teleconferencing, videoconferencing has better interaction effect. A teleconference will result in a lack of direct contact between participants. The use of video conferencing will allow participants to hold "face-to-face" meetings on the network, where they can see the communicators, and can also use body language to make participants more focused and improve the efficiency of the meeting.

2. Reduce commuting time Using video conferencing can effectively reduce commuting time. When enterprises communicate with customers or departments have meetings, using video conferencing can effectively reduce commuting time. When customers have service failures, they can also communicate and deal with them at the first time, giving users a better sense of experience.

3. The cost saving company will conduct training for employees when recruiting and training employees. Some training needs to be attended in other places, which will incur costs. The use of video conferencing can save this cost, but also can save employees time in the round trip. The saved costs can be used in other projects of the enterprise.

4. Research on improving communication shows that human thinking can process visual information faster and more accurately than electronic text and audio. Therefore, using video conferencing can improve the communication efficiency of employees more than using teleconferencing, and employees can better understand the theme of the meeting.

5. Improve team cohesion An enterprise may have businesses in different regions, and its employees will be distributed in different regions. Therefore, improving the cohesion of enterprise members becomes a top priority. Video conferencing allows employees in different cities to communicate their work progress in the same conference room. Although they are not in the same area, they can be in the same communication environment.

6. Improve work efficiency When employees have problems at the same time, text communication is inefficient for solving problems. If you use video conferencing, you can communicate and debug at the same time. If you find a problem, you can discuss and solve it together at the first time. You can also remotely control it and ask your colleagues to help you find the problem.

7. The video conference can lead to improve the attendance rate, see the working status of the participants, and see whether the employees are working normally, which greatly improves the attendance rate of employees. Video conferencing has various advantages for enterprises. While it brings users a comfortable experience, it also brings enterprises higher conference quality, improves staff efficiency and improves enterprise productivity.

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