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In Windows 11 preview, Microsoft is testing a redesigned version of Microsoft Teams, called Microsoft Teams 2.0, for its desktop platform. It can also improve the experience of operating system users on Microsoft video conference.

Team 2.0 experience: Taskbar quick chat, improve Microsoft video conference experience, and support "quote reply" 0

Different from the current desktop client, Microsoft Teams 2.0 is based on Edge WebView2 and uses Chromium rendering engine, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other network technologies. For Team 2.0, Microsoft has abandoned Angular and Electron frameworks. Instead, it will now use the front-end JavaScript library React.js, which is also open source.

Team 2.0 experience: Taskbar quick chat, improve Microsoft video conference experience, and support "quote reply" 1

As part of the Team 2.0 update, Microsoft is testing the new message function of "reference reply". This will allow you to respond to a specific message, or quote your own message in the response. The "Quote Reply" function can be used on all social media platforms except the Team desktop, which can improve the overall message experience.


As you can see in the screenshot, this option will be displayed when you right-click any message. You can also hover over it and click three points to access the "Reply" option. It applies to all messages, including those sent by you.


The "reference reply" function is not new in messages or collaboration tools, but it has been missing in the Team desktop client. In an update to the roadmap, Microsoft previously confirmed that "reference reply" will appear on the existing Electron client, but this function has not yet appeared.


Other improvements of Microsoft Team 2.0

Microsoft Team 2.0 also updated advanced features and general improvements last week.


After the update, you can now chat directly from the taskbar. The one-to-one and group audio and video call functions are completely provided by Microsoft Edge WebView, and Microsoft promises to add more functions in future updates. At present, users can start or join conversations, create and join Microsoft video conferences.


Users can also turn on or off their microphones and cameras, and manage Microsoft video conferencing settings such as preferred speakers, microphones, and cameras. Similarly, Microsoft Teams 2.0 has also been updated to support screen sharing, attendee menus, allowing conference participants to join, gallery views, etc.


These features were missing in the initial preview, but are now enabled in Windows 11 Build 22000.132. Microsoft Team 2.0 can be automatically updated through the server and the Microsoft store of Windows 11/10.


Microsoft Teams 2.0 is currently only available for personal accounts.

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