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Android all In One Video Conference Room

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : $1.00 - $2.00/Pieces
Packaging Details : Online Delivery Time : Online
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: RYLink

Product Description

RYLink gives full play to the rich experience of converging communication and intelligent cooperation.Create a flexible and convenient full scene solution of "entering the conference room, you can have a good meeting".


Enter the meeting with one click, and you can have a good meeting when you enter the video conference room


The integrated design integrates audio and video / Bluetooth / WiFi and computing unit, which can enter Tencent conference rooms with one click. With tens of millions of pixels, the guarantee of acoustic technology and the intelligent AI viewfinder function, the remote conference has a more telepresence, like a face-to-face meeting, making the communication more efficient; Its built-in Tencent conference rooms soft end adds functions such as wireless screen projection and whiteboard cooperation to make the cooperation more efficient; There is also an integrated management platform to make management more efficient. The above professional audio and video conference can be realized by just entering the conference room and turning on the equipment with one button, so that your team can easily hold a good meeting.


Special scheme, more professional audio and video conference room experience


The traditional personal conference platform is limited in the way of membership, so it can't organize meetings, is difficult to be compatible, and lacks rich meeting control and cooperation functions. "You can't see or hear clearly". If you want to switch to a large screen meeting in the conference room, you have to go through the painful process of transferring the screen, microphone and speaker together, so it's difficult to achieve professional level in the conference experience, In addition, the audio and video effect can not be compared with the professional enterprise special fund scheme.


RYLink has matched different schemes for large, medium and small conference rooms of enterprises, which can fully meet the audio and video + remote cooperation needs of professional conference rooms with different areas. Among them, 4K ultra-high definition camera lens allows remote communication. For example, the on-site and professional cascadable array microphone can reach a pickup distance of more than 10 meters, and can clearly hear the speeches of the participants. At the same time, the intelligent noise reduction function makes the sound smoother, and can share the sound and painting without leaving the meeting, so as to enjoy efficient communication. The performance is more stable and can be managed remotely, which benefits the enterprise operation and maintenance personnel.


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