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With the development and application of video communication technology, high-quality video conference system has gradually become an indispensable part of human social and economic life, especially those enterprises, governments and public institutions with a high degree of information construction, which have a wide range of distribution, but also seek to achieve collaboration and cooperation between branches, High quality video conference system can fully strengthen the communication and cooperation between branches within the system.


The video conference system can meet the requirements of frequent business communication, consultation and business training. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a set of remote multimedia video communication system to meet the needs of daily meetings, business meetings and multimedia communication within the user system, so as to improve the internal communication and communication of the system and improve the daily work efficiency.


1, Video conference function The video conference system realizes real-time interaction of audio, video and data between each venue and the main venue, as well as between each venue, and facilitates data processing. IP address is configured for video terminals in the central venue and each venue. The MCU can invite each terminal to organize the meeting, or each terminal can apply to the MCU, or add users to the invitation address area in advance, so that the meeting will be automatically invited at the beginning of the meeting without manual management by the administrator. The chairman of the meeting can be specified in the meeting. It has more meeting functions, including four split screen display. Video conference supports multiple venues to join the same conference at different rates to hold a mixed speed conference. 2, The video conference system to be built for video conference function needs to have the following functions.


(1) The video conference terminal built by high-definition video conference users supports the industry-leading high-definition 1080P video conference effect, and can realize true point-to-point, multi-point high-definition 1080 communication. The core MCU equipment of the system has the ability to receive and send high-definition 1080P.

(2) Stable system construction The system has extremely high stability: high-definition video conference terminal support 7 × Work 24 hours a day.


MCU is a carrier grade product, 7 × Work 24 hours a day.


MCU products are dedicated hardware architecture, dedicated DSP, non PC, IPC, and Windows platforms. MCU is designed for high-capacity products.

(3) Rich conference convening modes The system has a variety of conference convening modes, which support: to realize the user's business conference and dispatching conference, and to hold point-to-point and high-definition multi-point meetings throughout the system in each conference room


All meetings can be switched to full screen display in single screen, multi split screen, high-definition and multi split screen meetings, with the resolution of 1080P unchanged.


(4) HD terminal and HD MCU are built in the flexible equipment deployment system, and the whole system HD conference can be held at any time. HD group meetings can be held at any time in the main venue and any branch venue. MCU resource allocation can be changed at any time to adapt to any meeting needs, without strict system and physical division of subordinate units.

(5) The system has good scalability. The system supports: MCU supports high-definition 1080P without adding hardware. The conference room terminal fully supports 1080P without adding hardware. According to user requirements, both MCU and conference room terminals can select 1080P high-definition conference mode.


The number of audio ports provided by MCU and the number of video ports does not occupy video port resources. MCU and terminal products can be deployed with the unified communication platform at any time, such as Microsoft OCS.

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