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The epidemic has lasted for nearly three years. In the past three years, our work and lifestyle have changed profoundly, and mixed office has become the new normal. Under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the rise of non-contact business, the application of video conference system software, which integrates with business processes and is more suitable for actual use scenarios, is playing an active role in the digital process of many industries.


Video conference system software track meets the change


Market size may exceed 100 billion yuan


In the post epidemic era, due to the impact of free business model and fragmentation of To B customer scenarios, the growth of video conference system market scale will slow down in 2021. IDC's 2021 China Video Conference and Collaboration Market Tracking Report shows that in 2021, the market size of China's video conference system will reach 970 million US dollars (about 6.27 billion yuan).

After the slowdown, cloud conference participants are exploring new development directions, and new trends such as platform ecology, product systematization, application industrialization, and security specialization have emerged. In addition, with the gradual clarity of vertical industry application path, the acceleration of enterprise digitalization, the rise of non-contact business, and the change of user usage habits, cloud conferences are going out of the conference room. Visual communication and collaboration will also go beyond the scope of traditional conferences, integrate with business processes, and bring new momentum to the business in more scenarios. At that time, the market size may exceed 100 billion. "Cloud+end+industry" sinking scenario enables industry wide digitalization


In the process of exploring growth, manufacturers of video conferencing system software market have laid out new areas. Traditional communication manufacturers extend the platform ecosystem to the software end based on hardware. SaaS manufacturers and platform manufacturers improve the user experience by optimizing products and adapting conference hardware terminals, and cooperate with ecological partners to achieve coverage of video conferencing software from the top to the grassroots. In this process, an obvious problem has arisen: serious homogenization of products. In the long run, excessive introspection will lead to the double reduction of industry innovation and vitality. Therefore, differentiated competition is particularly important. Quanshitong launched a full stack complete solution of "cloud+end+industry" around differentiated competition. Relying on the advantages of independent core technologies, building industry depth can provide digital kinetic energy for rural revitalization, smart party building, smart finance, smart health care, smart education and other scenarios.


All video conference system connects thousands of industries

Industry application analysis of lan video conference system 0

rural vitalization

To fully implement rural revitalization, we need to start from the grass-roots level. The current rural revitalization work is constrained by the ability to coordinate, the way to upload and distribute data is backward, and the degree of data collaboration is insufficient, leading to the fragmentation of information connectivity among regions and departments, and the difficulty in implementing services and supervision. All Video Communication is a video conference software conference platform for rural revitalization, which can realize the interconnection between grassroots government departments and villages (communities), realize administrative meetings, smart party building, online training, emergency command and other applications, and help grassroots governments achieve digital transformation.


Smart government

Strengthening the construction of digital government is an important measure to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. Relying on the integrated solution of "cloud+end+full scene of business" and the core technology of self-developed video conferencing software, the smart government platform built by All Vision can fully meet the digital application needs of governments at all levels in government meetings, online party building, emergency command, epidemic prevention and control, etc.


Smart medicine


China's medical resources are unevenly distributed, and high-quality medical resources are concentrated in developed areas. Therefore, the government has continuously encouraged the construction of telemedicine platforms in recent years. The smart medical platform based on video conference software technology can realize digital applications in remote consultation, remote ultrasound, medical training, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, online referral, video conference, epidemic prevention and control, and effectively solve the problem of insufficient medical resources in underdeveloped regions.


Wisdom education


Education is the foundation of building a country and strengthening the country. Education informatization is an effective means to solve the imbalance of high-quality education resources. Based on the concept of "cloud+end+service", the education video and audio capability cloud platform of All Vision, with audio and video interconnection technology as the core, breaks the information island. A cloud covers the core application scenarios of teaching, teaching and research, and management. Multi scene integration, multi cloud deployment, unified management, and visual data governance enable the normal application of the three classrooms, and promote the equitable and balanced development of education.


Smart finance


As the lifeblood of economic development, the financial industry plays an important role in supporting the healthy development of the real economy. Through the smart financial platform built by video conference software conference, All Vision can meet the needs of various business applications such as video conference, business training, video loan audit, remote recruitment, morning and evening meetings, online live broadcast, and improve communication and collaboration efficiency.


Group enterprise


Digitization is the only way for enterprises to improve their market competitiveness. The videoconferencing software conference platform built by All Vision for group enterprises integrates videoconferencing software technology into enterprise operations, covering all employees and business processes, fully meeting the communication needs in multiple scenarios such as videoconferencing, remote training, remote recruitment, project discussion, epidemic prevention and control, and emergency command, and helping enterprises transform into "digital" ones, Improve enterprise efficiency.


At the same time, All Vision supports the access of mobile phones, Pads, computers, conference terminals, TV and other smart terminals. The conference invitation can be launched through the internal address book, and the conference control and management can be carried out. After integration with the enterprise's existing application system, users can easily access all audio and video applications by logging in once. Participants can access the conference through the Internet, 4G/5G and other networks. In addition, Full Vision also fully supports the adaptation of domestic chips, middleware and domestic operating systems, truly realizing the security, autonomy and controllability of video conferencing software. With the deepening of digital process and the acceleration of digital transformation in various industries, the next growth climax of video conferencing software is coming. Relying on the full stack solution of "cloud+end+industry", All Vision focuses on the depth of the industry, and uses its own core technology advantages of video conferencing software to connect more scenes and deliver greater value

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