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The popularity of video conference system makes enterprise users pay special attention to the video platform, while professional live broadcast platforms like Poly Way are often favored by enterprises. Considering the different types of live conference planned by different enterprises, it is necessary to first understand the types of current live conference platforms before making choices. Next, we will take a stock of several common types of live conference platforms.


First of all, because the live conference itself is developed from the live platform, the more common video conference system is a common live system. Ordinary live broadcast details have the functions of connecting to the microphone, sharing documents, and synchronous live broadcast of meetings. Such systems are often suitable for small enterprises to broadcast live meetings. When multiple people are online at the same time, the effect of live broadcast of meetings is often not guaranteed. In essence, such systems are more suitable for small enterprises to conduct daily meetings.


Secondly, with the increasing dependence of enterprises on online video conference systems, professional video conference systems such as Polyway have begun to be popularized in enterprises. The professional live conference system has a better interactive experience in terms of functions, which can not only ensure that different clients can use the interactive functions such as Lianmai and Bullet Screen, but also ensure the clear playing process of video quality by using technical means. Even in a weak network environment, the conference video quality will be guaranteed due to the intelligent adjustment of the outlets, This allows employees who use mobile phones to attend meetings on business trips or in a weak network environment to still have a good video conference experience.


With the increasing requirements for video conference systems, enterprises often entrust professional live broadcasting companies such as Polyway when planning large live conferences. For professional live conference companies, it is not only simple to provide the live broadcast platform, but also provide the whole process service. From the planning work before the live conference, to the on-site test equipment and trial broadcast, and the presence of engineers in the live broadcast to monitor the effect, these are all services provided by professional live broadcast companies. Large live conference companies such as Polyway also provide data collection and re recording after the live broadcast, Quantify the live broadcast effect and optimize the live broadcast scheme to ensure the live broadcast effect of the conference.

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