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Video conference system is also known as video conference system. In addition to hearing the voice of the caller, you can also see their expressions and actions, just like communicating in the same conference room.


After experiencing the SARS in 2003 and the global financial crisis in 2008, the demand of domestic enterprises for video conferencing is growing day by day. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has once again accelerated the development of video conference .


According to the product type, the video conference system is divided into software video conference system and hardware video conference system. With the development of enterprises' different demands for video conference applications, the video conference market has gradually evolved from the past hardware system dominated to a situation of equal sharing of software and hardware.


Which enterprises are suitable for the software video conference system?

Software video conference system is a video communication mode based on personal computer, which mainly relies on computer chips to process audio and video encoding and decoding, so as to hold video conference. Its advantages are low investment cost and convenient installation.


At present, there are many software supporting video conferencing. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, many video conferencing companies have opened their software to the public for free. Domestic Internet technology enterprises represented by Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and ByteDance, and cloud video conference listed and emerging enterprises represented by Yilian Network, Haoshitong, Ronglian Cloud Communication, etc. have announced that some products or services will be free during the epidemic.


Software video conference products are mainly aimed at multiple single person communication scenarios. Some small and medium-sized companies or small teams in large companies can consider using software video conferencing products to get a good use experience without paying or only paying a small fee.


Hardware video conference system

Unlike software video conference, hardware video conference is a video communication mode based on embedded architecture, mainly using H.320 and H 323 protocol standard, relying on DSP+embedded software to achieve video and audio processing, network communication and various conference functions.


Hardware video conference requires special hardware equipment terminal to realize remote video conference, mainly including embedded MCU, conference room terminal, desktop terminal, etc. MCU is deployed in the network center to process and forward the code stream; The conference room terminals are deployed in the conference room and are interconnected with cameras, microphones, televisions, projection screens and other peripherals.


Hardware video conference products solve the problem of meeting multiple groups and individuals, such as meeting between multiple meeting rooms or some individuals on business trips. It is aimed at the scene of enterprise leaders meeting with employees from all over the country in the conference room, such as PetroChina leaders and grassroots meeting. In this case, dozens or even hundreds of people may sit in a conference room, which requires hardware to hardware, and the network even requires the use of dedicated lines. For enterprises that often need to hold meetings in this scenario, hardware video conferencing system is a more appropriate choice.


The future of video conference system: the combination of software and hardware is the general trend

Whether software or hardware, the development of video conferencing is increasingly dominated by large factories. In the competition of video conference, large companies used the free low price strategy that had been tried and tried in the past in the personal market to obtain users, forcing small and medium-sized companies to follow up. As a high resource consumption service, video conferencing needs to occupy a lot of bandwidth and servers when it is used. Only large factories with strong funds can make long-term investment. Small and medium-sized companies with limited capital gradually withdrew from the competition.


However, some small and medium-sized companies have survived in the competition of video conference, and the key is that they have adopted the product strategy of combining software and hardware. In this regard, one practitioner said that software video conferencing products and hardware video conferencing products actually target different scenarios. The software products are mainly for the communication between multiple individuals, and the user's demand for video is not urgent; The combination of software and hardware products is aimed at the scene of enterprise leaders meeting with employees from all over the country in the conference room, and the demand of users is stronger.


In addition, although the cost of making hardware alone is low and profitable in the short term, it is difficult to persuade software manufacturers to open interfaces to their own hardware products and continue to guarantee the experience. In the long run, poor user experience will also lead to users fleeing.


Therefore, the combination of software and hardware has become the consensus of more and more video conference practitioners. On the one hand, hardware products have solved the difficulties of enterprises in the procurement process, and most Chinese buyers are more willing to purchase hardware products than software; On the other hand, the self-developed software system can better ensure the use experience of hardware than the third-party software manufacturers, and the hospitals that continue to pay after users buy products are also stronger.


Based on the combination of software and hardware, some manufacturers have verified a more long-term payment model than simply selling software and hardware products. That is, first sell hardware products at a low price, and then charge software service fees to buyers annually. The service will set different packages according to the length of use, picture clarity, transmission fluency, number of authorized accounts and other specifications for enterprise users to purchase and use.

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