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What are the components of a complete video conference system? For those who first contact with the video conference system, this concept is relatively vague, and there is no direction for enterprises to think about how to choose the video conference system. Today we will talk about the main components of the video conferencing system.


Simply put, a complete set of video conference system includes: video conference system server, video conference audio system, video conference display system, video conference video system.

The video conference system server, taking Liantongbao as an example, mainly digitizes the image and sound information in the conference process and converts them into the data format established by the service and transmission network for distribution through the network.

Video conference audio system, audio input and output system during the conference, generally refers to microphone, loudspeaker, mixer, audio, etc. As for what kind of audio equipment to choose, it needs to be determined according to the size of the conference room and the requirements for conference quality.

The video conference display system displays the video images and file data of local and remote participants through TV, projector, large screen, conference all-in-one machine, etc.

Video conference video system, namely video conference camera, transmits local video images to the other party's display terminal. Cameras with different performances can be selected according to the size of the conference room. Multi display system is recommended for medium and large conference rooms.

The transmission network of the video conference system generally includes: transmission network, i.e. broadband connection mode, which generally includes LAN access, ADSL access, cable modem access and wireless access.

Therefore, the equipment generally required for video conference to collect and output indoor audio and video information through these front-end devices are: video conference server, video conference camera, conference microphone, display equipment (all-in-one conference machine, mobile phone, computer, tablet), etc., which also become the main component of the video conference system.

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