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1, What is a video conference system:

First of all, let's briefly introduce what is a video conference system: the video conference system is a virtual conference realized through network communication technology, an application system that allows geographically dispersed users to exchange information through graphics, voice and other ways, and supports people to communicate remotely and share real-time information for collaborative work. Video conference has greatly promoted the real and intuitive communication between collaboration members, and also plays an important role in distance education and conference. After experiencing SARS in 2003 and the global financial crisis in 2008, domestic enterprises have an increasing demand for video conferencing. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has once again accelerated the development of video conferencing.


2, Classification of video conference systems:


According to the product type, the video conference system is divided into hardware video conference system and software video conference system;


2.1. There were many video conference systems in the early days. It is mainly based on hardware, including terminal equipment, transmission network (including transmission equipment and transmission channel), and multipoint control unit (MCU). Among them, video terminals include cameras, codecs, various audio, video and network interfaces, which can be divided into conference room type and desktop type. MCU is responsible for conference control and information exchange, and the construction cost of hardware conference system is high.


In addition to paying the hardware construction cost, the conference system also charges according to the number of users. Therefore, enterprises also pay according to the number of users. Therefore, the early hardware conference system has the following disadvantages:


1) The cost of hardware construction is high. In addition to the servers built by the headquarters, all subsidiaries need to purchase designated supporting hardware equipment;


2) Poor hardware compatibility;


3) Charge according to the number of users, which cannot be popularized by all the staff;


4) Hardware installation and access are complex, with high requirements on the environment and inconvenient disassembly;


5) Fast hardware replacement and easy technology obsolescence;


6) Network requirements are high, and the communication between headquarters and branches requires high bandwidth. It is recommended to use a dedicated communication network with high network investment;


7) The cost of connecting with a third party is high, and additional interface fees need to be paid;


2.2. With the development of information technology and the development of different demands of enterprises for video conference applications, the video conference market dominated by hardware systems in the past has been broken. Software video conference systems, conference tablets and conference system integrated machines have emerged, which operate with simple functions and have different conferences. The flexible application and low cost in the scene quickly won the recognition of enterprises, and quickly occupied most of the market space of hardware video conferencing systems. Especially during the epidemic, the platform based application software led by Nailing and Qiwei launched free video conference services, allowing video conference to be rapidly promoted and applied in enterprises. Then what are the advantages of the software video conference system: 1) No need to invest in professional hardware equipment, you can use computers and mobile phones for video conferencing; 2) Mobile conference is not limited by hardware space, and video conference can be held anytime and anywhere;


3) The platform provides public cloud services. Enterprises do not need to build their own video conference servers or private networks to enjoy conference services;


4) The platform provides more auxiliary functions to make the meeting more intelligent and convenient, such as meeting notice, meeting sign in, and even some system platforms provide the automatic voice to text function of meeting minutes, saving the trouble of typing;


5) Free third-party system interface makes system integration more convenient;


6) Compatibility with third-party devices, such as cameras and pickup devices;


3, How can an enterprise build an economical and practical conference system?


If the enterprise is small and you want to save costs, you can use the personal version of the free conference system provided by NaiNai and Qiwei. For example, in the conference room scenario, you only need to purchase cameras and omnidirectional pickups (they are used to ensure that people speak in every corner of the conference range) to collect and hear the speakers' voices. The economic equipment is not more than 1000 yuan. However, the personal version of the conference system has limitations on the duration and some functions of the conference. Even if the enterprise version service is opened, it will only cost thousands of yuan a year, Compared with the investment of more than one hundred and two hundred thousand yuan for hardware video conference equipment, it is cheaper than expected.


If the enterprise has a certain scale, a cost budget, and many meetings are held in professional conference rooms, conference equipment must be independently deployed in each conference room. Compared with hardware video conference systems, software conference systems only need to install cameras and omnidirectional radio equipment. At this time, the IT administrator should pay attention to whether there are professional audio equipment and video equipment (such as projectors, LED displays) in the conference room, and whether the video and audio access of video conference equipment. The compatibility between equipment should be considered. Considered. If the branch office is a non fixed office with strong mobility, it is necessary to consider whether to configure portable conference equipment.


4, How to compare the purchase of conference system?


The author suggests that the following aspects should be considered:


1) Terminal equipment cost;


2) Meeting expenses; The maximum number of users participating in the conference. It is worth noting that the number of registered users of software video conferencing equipment is not equal to the number of conference parties. Although some brands do not limit the number of registered users, they will limit the maximum number of participants. Number of people;


3) Annual fee of terminal equipment; Cloud products are generally charged annually based on the number of device accesses;


4) Complexity of functional operation;


5) Network requirements;


6) Compatibility of equipment;


7) Integration costs with third parties;


8) Whether there are many additional personalized functions and whether they are practical;


5, How to manage the conference system?


The system only provides the use path, which brings convenience to the work. Improper use will also affect work and efficiency. How to manage the meeting system in daily work? The summary is as follows:


1) User management;


2) Conference room reservation management;


3) Conference process management; Such as meeting sign in, meeting discipline, whether the meeting is recorded and kept on file;


4) Conference equipment management; Such as daily maintenance, repair, common fault handling, etc;


5) Meeting management with external personnel; How to participate in internal meetings of non enterprise personnel;


6, What are the precautions for daily management of video conference?


1) The video conference account is for personal use only and cannot be used by others;


2) The conference account is a real name system, and personal information cannot be modified without authorization;


3) During the video conference, keep the camera on and the microphone mute;


4) During the video conference, the camera should be aimed at all participants;


5) During the video conference, please do not play with your mobile phone or do anything irrelevant to the conference;


6) During the video conference, please do not walk around to disturb the order of the venue;


7) During the video conference, customers irrelevant to the conference shall not participate;


8) For important meetings, it is recommended that all customers participate in the pre meeting testing in advance.


7, Frequently Asked Questions about the Use of Video Conferencing System


1) Q: Do you need to make an appointment in advance to use the video conferencing system?


A: You need to make an appointment in advance. Due to the limited number of video conference rooms, in order to avoid meeting conflicts, it is necessary to contact the Information Management Center at least one day in advance to make an appointment;


2) Q: What should we pay attention to in online video conferencing?


A: Pay attention to the following points. First, all venues except the main venue should be quiet to keep the meeting environment quiet; 2, The camera shall be kept open, and it is strictly prohibited to turn off the camera; 3, Enter the conference system half an hour in advance for relevant commissioning;


3) Q: What are the whistles and repeated voice echoes in the video conference?


A: The reason for this problem is that two conference system clients have been opened in the conference hall. One client needs to be muted and the voice needs to be turned off;


4) Q: Can external units join the group video conference system to participate in the conference? A: Yes, but based on information security considerations, external units in the enterprise video conference system suggest not to participate in the conference. Sign up for an account. The information center can provide conference room number and password to attend the meeting.

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