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Cameras are generally just a tool for chatting in people's minds, but with the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of camera definition, this concept needs to be changed now. The universal camera launched by Deraweey recently makes the application of the camera in teaching and life. The range has been greatly expanded. Below I will talk about the application of cameras in kindergarten education based on our actual application experience.


1: With the help of cameras and camera recording software, we can record the daily teaching content as video tutorials and upload them to the class blog, so that every parent can understand the teaching content of the day when they come home and open the class blog, and can purposefully teach their children. Guidance and assistance. This was difficult for us to do before, but now it is very convenient. For example, our teaching content today is paper cutting. If we turn it into text or pictures to introduce to parents, it will consume a lot of time and energy to organize language, and it is difficult for parents to understand, but video can solve this problem very well. The problem not only saves teachers a lot of time and energy, but also parents can easily understand it, and the home connection will be very tacit and easy.


2: With the help of cameras, camera recording software, and wireless microphones, we can easily record the entire classroom teaching process and activities. Compared with the camera, the voice of the teacher or a specific child is very clear, and there is no need for editing, no shaking, and no need for a special person to shoot. It makes the communication and mutual communication between teachers more frequent and convenient, and teachers can also gain more teaching experience and knowledge by browsing other kindergarten teachers' blogs.


3: With the development of instant communication technology, the continuous improvement of whatsapp and various teaching software, and the remote application of cameras, the communication between teachers and parents and between teachers has become very convenient. Students or parents can remotely ask teachers for advice and teachers. They can communicate with each other remotely with the help of projectors, and experts from other places can be invited to give lectures to teachers in the whole park, etc.


The history of the development of human civilization is actually a history of the development of communication methods, from language to painting, to writing, the invention of paper, the emergence of printing, movable type printing has greatly promoted cultural exchanges, to the modern telephone, telegraph , fax, Internet, email, every progress of human beings is closely related to the way of communication. Cameras allow us to communicate face-to-face remotely, to record life through cameras, and communicate in distance learning. If someone asks me, where is the future of education? I Think I'll tell her without thinking: "NO more Camera".

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