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Introduction: In the company, users can find that when two people in different places need to hold a business meeting, they can only do it by video conference. With the development of communication technology, many companies have installed video conferencing equipment to save money and time. Video conference equipment can not only transmit images and voice, but also transmit text and pictures. In today's article, I would like to introduce to you what video conferencing equipment includes. I hope users will adopt it.


What are the video conferencing equipment?


Hardware video conference: Traditional hardware video conference generally includes video conference terminals, MCU, network switching equipment, etc. However, with the application of cloud computing technology, users do not need to purchase MCU in cloud computing video conference equipment, but only need to install video conference terminals.


Video conference software: installed on desktop or laptop, suitable for business trip or personal office use, with video conference and office collaboration functions.


Teleconference: In the absence of a network, you cannot enter a video conference. The cloud computing video conference mode includes a teleconference system, which seamlessly integrates teleconferencing and video conference. Other video conference terminals can directly call ordinary phones to enter the conference, allowing users to enter the conference anytime and anywhere.


Mobile video conference terminal: With the popularity of mobile Internet, smart phones and tablets, conference terminals are more diversified. Cloud computing video conference mode supports the access of ipad, iphone, Android smart phones and tablets, making the conference ubiquitous.


Video conference equipment recommendation


1. Full time G-net Box: Full time cloud conference box. The product design is simple and has a sense of texture, and the business style is full. Easy to use. You can set up a meeting by downloading an app from your mobile phone. Easy to operate, use app to remotely control the camera, adjust the camera direction and focus, and control the meeting sound. It also supports 4G access, which is very suitable for emergency technical guidance, emergency meeting and other special scenarios.


2. Huawei TE40: HUAWEI TE40 is a high-definition video conference terminal that supports 1080p60 and H 264 SVC,H. 264 HP, IPV6 and Wi Fi wireless access are ideal choices for customers to build small and medium-sized conference rooms and administrative offices.


3. Huateng high-definition video conference terminal HTE40: The product is simple and easy to use, and can be operated through remote control or mobile phone app, which is very convenient. It is measured that it can communicate with the MCU and terminals of Huawei and Polycom, with good compatibility and high cost performance.


Video conference equipment can not only share materials and documents, but also provide remote training for workers, which is very practical. Video conference equipment is mainly used to communicate with people through multimedia communication technology. Make people feel like they are attending a meeting.

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