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Recently, the list of winners of the German Red Dot Award in 2022, known as the "Oscar" in the design world, was officially announced. It was seen that Kandao Meeting S, a video conference equipment product of Kandao Tech, won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2022 with innovative product design and excellent product performance.


Founded by the German Design Association in 1955, the Red Dot Award is one of the largest, most authoritative and influential well-known design competitions in the world. The selection criteria are strict, and it is called the world's three major design awards together with the German "iF Award" and the "American IDEA Award".


This is the second international award Kandao Meeting S won after winning the CES Innovation Award in 2022. The award marks that the design and functions of Kandao Meeting S have been recognized by international authorities.


The design of Kandao Meeting S continues the consistent design style of Kandao Meeting series. Simple and smooth appearance lines, the outer layer is covered with SPCC metal horn mesh round holes, and the surface is white semi matte matte paint. The soft color highlights the texture of the body and demonstrates the technological charm of the product. The combination of fashionable product appearance and practical functional design provides users with truly efficient and intelligent video conference equipment products.


Innovative concept and excellent design


Mixed office solution


With the normalization of epidemic prevention, more and more enterprises choose mixed office. Mixed office refers to a mixed working mode in which some team members work remotely and some work offline. Kandao Meeting S, as a 180 ° ultra wide angle intelligent video conference equipment all-in-one machine, provides enterprise customers with efficient, innovative, simple and easy-to-use hybrid office solutions to enable employees to communicate and collaborate efficiently anytime, anywhere.


It is equipped with a 195 ° ultra wide-angle camera, covering 180 ° field of vision in full space, which can perfectly capture every detail during the meeting and enhance the immersion of online meetings. In terms of audio, Kandao Meeting S adopts full duplex design and two-way transmission at the same time, so that everyone can participate in dialogue and communication in real time. It is equipped with high-precision 8-microphone array and customized high fidelity sound chamber, which can realize sound reception and playback within 5m range. Create a more focused and efficient conference atmosphere for users through high-definition, beautiful and smooth conference experience.


AI algorithm, multiple modes


Adapt to different meeting scenarios


By integrating the latest upgraded MeetingAI 3.0 intelligent tracking algorithm, Kandao Meeting S can accurately track speakers in real time. Kandao Meeting S also provides multiple intelligent meeting modes and lock screen zoom functions to meet different meeting needs.


It is equipped with a powerful independent host mode. Only one HDMI cable is needed to connect the display screen, and a single computer can immediately join the club. It is compatible with many mainstream video conferencing software. Equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, the meeting is more convenient. Whether you work at home, on business or in the office, you can take it with you. It is the best partner for small and medium-sized meeting rooms to facilitate intelligent and efficient remote collaboration anytime and anywhere.


In addition to Kandao Meeting S, we can see that the video conference equipment product line under Science and Technology also includes 360 ° intelligent video conference equipment all-in-one machine Kandao Meeting Pro and 360 ° intelligent video conference all-in-one machine Kaodao Meeting, which have won international awards for many times. Among them, Kandao Meeting Pro has collected four major international industrial design awards.


Kandao Meeting innovatively integrates 360 ° panoramic camera head, omnidirectional microphone and high fidelity sound into one to create a face-to-face video conference experience. Kandao Meeting Pro has been upgraded again and added to the system host, which can be used as an independent video conference equipment terminal to achieve a perfect four in one design.


In the post epidemic era, mixed office has become the new normal. Kandao Meeting series is one of the necessary productivity tools to realize hybrid office, which plays an important role in facilitating remote collaboration and office work of global enterprises, bringing more innovative and efficient video conferencing methods to customers at home and abroad, and improving enterprise operation efficiency.


In the future, we will continue to explore and build an efficient hybrid future work mode and workspace with our partners. At the same time, we will deepen the development and design of products, integrate cutting-edge technology and design innovation, create more video conference equipment products with both aesthetics and functions for users, and lead a new way of efficient and intelligent office.

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