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Before introducing "intelligent conference host", let's understand what is a conference host. When video conference equipment was not popular a few years ago, when we participated in large conferences, forums and lectures, we saw a whole row of microphones on the front row seats connected to a control device on the main podium, which is the traditional conference host. The conference host can limit speech and voice volume adjustment, and also integrates video tracking, voting, simultaneous interpretation and other functions.


With the popularity of video conference equipment in recent two years, cameras, microphones, and conference tablets have rushed into hot search, and conference hosts have been gradually forgotten by people. The intelligent video conference equipment - conference host introduced in this article is an innovative product in the industry, which will break our previous understanding of it.

Intelligent video conference equipment: application of intelligent conference host in video conference 0

APOLLO 200 intelligent conference host


This is an intelligent conference terminal that integrates microphones, speakers and projectors. It integrates the functions of microphones, speakers and projectors. We call it "intelligent conference host". The product adopts lightweight design, which makes operation more convenient, simplifies equipment and line deployment, and greatly improves conference efficiency.


APOLLO 200 looks like a conference microphone, but its volume is much larger because it has four omnidirectional microphones, a high-power speaker and a WIFI wireless projection module. Because it also supports 60W reverse charging, a large battery is built in to ensure the endurance.

Intelligent video conference equipment: application of intelligent conference host in video conference 1

(1) Support Airplay/Miracast wireless projection, HDMI cable projection and USB projection


(2) Support dual screen display, facilitate data comparison, and improve the efficiency of conference presentation


(3) 4 omnidirectional microphone arrays, 5-7m large clear up range, 360 ° omnidirectional noise reduction


(4) Hi Fi full frequency speaker, DSP digital calibration, creating the best conference call experience


(5) 60W reverse charging, strong meeting endurance, solve the problems of notebook computers during meetings


(6) Touch control, adjust volume, switch full screen and dual screen display, mute microphone, turn off video sound and other functions


APOLLO 200 intelligent conference host uses a new design language, which breaks away from the original host concept and is defined as an intelligent conference terminal to realize the functional aggregation of microphone, audio and projector. As an innovative product in the industry, APOLLO 200 currently has no competition with similar products in China.


Weishide brand


Wisdom is an international leading professional audio and video equipment and solution provider. With independent research and development as the core, Wisdom adheres to technological innovation and has been deeply involved in audio and video processing and UC solutions for more than 20 years. Its video conference equipment products cover conference cameras, omnidirectional microphones, conference hosts and all-in-one conference machines, etc. It has carried out business in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing remote video conference terminal solutions for enterprises in various fields such as education and teaching, enterprise retail, government affairs and people's livelihood, medical care and health.


Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Wisdom is specialized in the integration of R&D, production, sales and service of audio and video conferencing equipment. The Group has a product R&D and design center in the United States, a production center in Shenzhen, a production center in Dongguan, a software base in Changsha, and a cooperative factory in Taiwan, with strong product R&D technology and design strength.

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