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Recently, GOOD DESIGN AWARD officially announced the list of winners in 2022. Kandao Meeting S, a 180 ° super wide angle intelligent video conference equipment all-in-one machine under Kandao Tech, won the 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD Japanese Excellent Design Award for its excellent design.


GOOD DESIGN AWARD (Japanese Excellent Design Award) is the most authoritative and influential design award in Asia, known as the "Oscars in the Oriental Design Industry". The theme of GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2022 is "Communication and Symphony". Through the "will" communication of people from different disciplines and fields, they can interact with each other and find new possibilities. This theme is designed to eliminate social "estrangement" and promote communication and exchange through design works.


This award of Kandao Meeting S also proves that science and technology has always taken the responsibility of improving the efficiency of remote communication from the perspective of users, and created a face-to-face video conference experience with a full set of AI intelligent video collaboration solutions. Kandao Meeting S has also won the 2022 CES Innovation Award, German Red Dot Award and other international top design awards.


Kandao Meeting S, as a "five in one" AI video conference equipment terminal, integrates ultra wide-angle high-definition camera, microphone array, high-definition speaker, built-in Android system, wireless projection screen and other modules. The powerful independent host mode made Kandao Meeting S highly praised by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD judges. Kandao Meeting S only needs one HDMI cable to connect with the display screen, and the online meeting can be started by a single machine. The built-in Android system can run multiple mainstream video conferencing software, greatly improving the convenience of video conferencing.


The ultra wide angle camera carried by Kandao Meeting S can achieve full space 180 ° field of vision coverage, and can perfectly capture every detail during the meeting without missing every participant. Kandao Meeting S also has a full duplex audio system, with two-way transmission allowing everyone to participate in dialogue and communication in real time. The built-in high-precision microphone array and customized high fidelity sound chamber make the participants speak more clearly and greatly improve the voice expression of the video conference.


Kandao Meeting S is equipped with the newly upgraded Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm, which can realize intelligent tracking and face recognition, and achieve real-time accurate tracking of speakers. At the same time, it supports multiple intelligent conference mode switching, screen lock zoom, wireless projection and other functions.


In addition, Kandao Meeting S can also be used as a "three in one" USB device to meet the deployment requirements under different conference scenarios. At present, Kandao Meeting S is mainly aimed at meeting rooms of microenterprises and individuals, helping enterprises and individuals to hold meetings anytime, anywhere and at will.


For large-scale conference scenarios, we see that science and technology also plans to launch a multi system collaboration solution Kandao Meeting Omni for large-scale conference rooms. Kandao Meeting Omni has integrated the deployment of multiple technology video conference equipment to achieve a wider range of image, sound acquisition and AI processing, and provides more intelligent image rendering output and audio playback capabilities to ensure the best remote video conference effect and meet the needs of different conference scenes. It is the preferred solution for intelligent conference rooms and digital spaces.


With the rise of hybrid office, intelligent video conferencing equipment has become a key element of collaboration. At present, Kandao Meeting series conference machine products have provided a variety of efficient communication solutions for small, medium and large conference rooms. In the future, we will see that science and technology will continue to focus on scientific and technological innovation, deepen product research and development, and create a more intelligent, safe and efficient hybrid office experience for global customers.

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