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The video conference system is highly integrated. The customer oriented system includes visual hardware terminals, such as video terminals, monitors, microphones, cameras, etc. Besides, not everyone knows about MCU. So, what does a complete set of video conferencing equipment include? Now let's have a look.


System list of video conference equipment:


1. Customer facing terminal


In the process of using video conference equipment, we can see that cameras, video monitors, microphones, etc. are common in video conference rooms, and these equipment will be covered in video conference terminal equipment. Its core function is to digitize the relevant image and sound information, convert them into the data format formulated by the service and transmission network, and then transmit them to MCU for distribution through the network.




In essence, MCU is a multimedia information switch, which performs multi-point calling and connection, realizes video broadcasting, video selection, audio mixing, data broadcasting and other functions, and completes the convergence and switching of signals at each terminal. MCU is required for three or more parties to participate in video conference. The cloud MCU is launched all the time, which can arrange high-definition conference system without purchasing expensive hardware equipment, and supports the connection of traditional hardware video terminal conference room.


3. Display device


The display equipment can be LCD TV, computer screen, projection, projection screen, etc., which is also selected according to the actual meeting needs. For example, when conducting multi person and multi-party video conference in the conference room, you need to choose LCD TV or projection display. If it is just a simple video conference between several people, you can choose the computer.


4. Microphone


Omnidirectional microphone integrates echo cancellation and microphone speaker. With video conference software, you can directly connect to the computer, which is easy to use. The microphone pickup direction can be selected and set according to the meeting scene, which is suitable for use in meeting rooms, offices and other places.


5. Camera


There are many kinds of cameras, which can be the camera provided by the laptop or the professional camera in the meeting room. This needs to be determined according to the actual needs of enterprises for video conferencing.




There are a lot of hardware and software in the video conference system. In various scenarios, we can build a complete system to work with the help of professional solutions.

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