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With the rapid popularization and application of the Internet, big data and information technology, remote office and collaborative office have gradually become a trend. In order to meet the scene needs of different enterprises, MAXHUB, as the leader in the conference tablet, has launched four mobile collaborative scene terminal products of video conference equipment for different spaces for different remote office needs, providing more enterprise customers with full scene collaborative services.


For personal office scenes, the desktop video conference screen of the video conference equipment launched by MAXHUB can't be more suitable than the "Sparrow is small and has all the dirty things" description. The small size is very complete in terms of functions. The 15.6-inch screen has 1080p high-definition display, and is equipped with 48 million wide-angle cameras. It supports WDR anti backlight high-definition camera, with a viewing angle of up to 90 °. The image quality can be automatically adjusted according to different light conditions in the conference room, Bring high-quality video experience.

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At the same time, in order to make the remote video conference equipment perform better in terms of sound effect, MAXHUB desktop video conference screen is equipped with four array microphones, which can realize 6m long distance sound pickup, built-in intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, filter noise, and achieve high-quality audio and video data collection and optimization. During the conference, the other party can hear clearly whether it is near or far or loud or small. Moreover, the MAXHUB desktop video conference screen uses a high-precision capacitive touch screen with 20 point touch. Users can directly write and paint on the screen, and make instant comments on shared files, as natural as writing on paper. For business people, having a desktop video conference screen is like carrying a conference tablet.


What if the office is too small and the conference pad occupies too much space? For the scene of small collaborative space, the video conference equipment launched by MAXHUB also has a three shot 4K180 ° panoramic camera, which is seamlessly spliced by three high-definition wide-angle cameras with a 180 ° ultra wide field of view, and provides a 75 ° enhanced vertical field of view. The camera of the video conference equipment covers the entire conference room, thus providing high-quality remote conference video experience.


Viewing in a small space should also be intelligent. The MAXHUB 4K 180 ° panoramic camera terminal is equipped with the intelligent zoom technology independently developed by MAXHUB, which can automatically adjust the picture field of vision according to the number of people in the meeting place, and truly create the offline "face-to-face meeting" visual sense, making the video conference more efficient.


In addition, MAXHUB has also launched an all-in-one video conferencing device for medium-sized collaborative spaces, integrating software and hardware such as cameras, microphones, loudspeakers, and conference systems. It can easily link TV, projectors, and other equipment. Traditional offices can conduct high-definition video conferencing without transformation, thus bringing efficient and high-quality video conferencing experience at the lowest cost.


For large collaborative space scenarios, MAXHUB's professional video conference equipment combination terminal is applicable to medium and large video conference, remote consultation, large lecture hall, emergency command center and other scenarios The advantages of 265 encoding and decoding technology, 12x optical zoom, omnidirectional pickup and other hardware devices, together with the built-in video conference solution, can achieve efficient operation, efficient display and efficient communication, whether it is a live or remote video conference.


In addition to powerful hardware as support, MAXHUB also launched self-developed collaborative applications. Through the full scene collaborative terminal, it can achieve synchronous collaboration among multiple ends, multiple people, and different places, ensuring that each collaboration results can be traced back and knowledge can be inherited.


In a word, through the above information, we can find that MAXHUB has provided corresponding solutions for personal telecommuting, small company telecommuting, medium-sized telecommuting and large telecommuting, which meet the needs of different enterprises and people. In the future, MAXHUB full scene collaborative terminal will continue to stimulate the wisdom and strength of the team through scientific and technological innovation and scene insight, promote the maturity of remote collaborative applications, and become the mainstream efficient office mode in the digital era.

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