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Recently, Logitech launched a new remote conference intelligent solution GATHER four in one intelligent conference audio system to meet the needs of Chinese enterprise users for multiple intelligent office scenarios.


With the rapid development of Internet and digital technology, teleconferencing has become an important part of smart office. Among them, computer cameras, high-quality conference cameras, intelligent conference screens and other devices have emerged as the times require, meeting the video needs of remote conference participants for high-quality remote conferences. As an important communication medium in conference communication, "sound" is also an important medium for enterprises to meet the requirements of matching space volume, high-quality two-way transmission, effective echo cancellation, etc. In order to further improve the efficiency and quality of remote collaboration among Chinese enterprises, Logitech China Product Research and Development Center (CAT) specially developed and launched a four in one conference audio device - GATHER intelligent conference audio system for the Chinese market, bringing "face to face" audio effects to remote conferences of different sizes and occasions.


Logitech video conference system listen to the voice and communicate freely


Logitech Conference UFO is equipped with five microphone arrays. For small and medium-sized conference rooms, the remote pickup function of about 6m can accurately record the wonderful speeches of each participant. With the expansion microphone, it can support up to 11 microphone arrays to meet the sound reception requirements of large and super large conference rooms. The technology of automatically detecting the sound field in the conference room environment combined with artificial intelligence algorithm has solved the common problems in online meetings such as "double talk" and echo.


Conference UFO is equipped with 2.5 inch full frequency band, 10 watt high-power neodymium magnet speaker and 450cc super large sound chamber. The intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation technology can deal with complex sound field environment, so that pickup and external sound almost do not interfere with each other. The audio quality of online conference makes the sense of distance disappear and communication smooth.


Powerful and versatile


The new GATHER four in one intelligent conference audio system launched by Logitech is equipped with excellent performance with an aluminum alloy integrated body, which is called "Logitech Conference UFO". It integrates the rich functions of "four in one", including microphone, speaker, conference touch screen and traditional SIP network telephone, so that large, medium and small enterprises can easily complete the configuration of conference equipment and bring a face-to-face natural communication experience.


Logitech Conference UFO is equipped with a 5.5 inch suspended high-definition multi-point touch screen to achieve quick conference operations such as one button entry, one button mute, and one button content sharing. There is no need to configure additional conference control panels. It can also support multiple mainstream conference software platforms, easily switch conference platforms, and improve the efficiency and convenience of online meetings. SIP network phone is supported, and remote participants can also be connected by dialing a number on the touch screen.


In addition, UFO also has a 64 bit 8-core CPU. The powerful background push system can continuously upgrade functions, constantly improve performance and improve functions, and realize more possibilities of intelligent office.


Flexible combination of multiple scenarios and audio-visual upgrading


Logitech Conference UFO can flexibly match various kinds of remote conference external devices to help customers achieve all-round upgrading of conference experience in different scenarios.


In medium and large conference rooms, with Logitech CC2900 or CC4900 high-definition cameras, high-quality audio and video equipment can be deployed. In medium and large conference rooms equipped with large intelligent touch screens, Logitech UFO can effectively improve the radio capacity and playing volume, and optimize the conference effect. In the ordinary meeting room, Logitech UFO can also enable it to immediately have the ability of online meeting, and quickly and flexibly realize the upgrading and deployment of the meeting room.


Logitech video conference system takes root in China and continues to innovate


China is one of the most important strategic markets of Logitech. Logitech has set up a China Research and Development Center (CAT) in Shanghai in particular. With the R&D center as the engine, Logitech has concentrated its superior technologies and resources to promote the upgrading of local R&D and innovation capabilities and build high-quality products for Chinese consumers at the speed of China. The new Logitech GATHER four in one intelligent conference audio system launched this time is another masterpiece of Logitech based in China for cloud collaboration. In the future, Logitech will continue to innovate, improve the user experience, and bring more one-stop precision solutions based on collaboration needs.

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