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Logitech Video Conference System Logitech ® CC4000e is a meeting camera specially designed for small meeting rooms and crowded rooms. With a 120 ° super wide field of vision that can cover the whole room, CC4000e allows everyone in the meeting room to enter the camera clearly. The automatic motion translation/tilt action can further expand the field of vision to 170 °. Logitech's low distortion lens, 4K ultra-high definition optical performance and three camera presets can bring extraordinary video quality and further enhance face-to-face collaboration.


Logitech Video Conference CC4000e's integrated audio is specially designed for sound effects in crowded rooms, providing extraordinary sound effects. Three horizontally oriented beamforming microphones and custom tuned speakers help ensure that conference sound is as good as video. People are used to correlating the voice and appearance of others. The audio of CC4000e indoor front end can provide an intuitive and consistent hearing experience.


Logitech Video Conference CC4000e adopts a compact all-in-one design with fewer complicated cables, USB plug and play, out of the box, and is compatible with any video conference software applications and cloud services - including those you have already used.


Logitech Video Conference CC4000e Features

Logitech video conference system: CC4000e commercial high-definition audio and video conference system 0

120 ° super wide field of vision

In Logitech's video conference solution, it has a wide field of vision, so that everyone in the room can access the camera, even those who are close to the camera and sitting in the corner of the room are no exception.


4K Ultra HD Image Sensor

It supports a variety of resolutions, including 4K (Ultra High Definition), 1 1080p (Full High Definition) and 720p (High Definition), which can match the image quality of applications and monitors.


3 microphones and custom tuned speakers

Three horizontally aligned beam forming omnidirectional microphones with noise and echo cancellation plus custom tuned speakers - optimized for small conference rooms. Microphone accuracy passed Microsoft ® Cortana ® The voice command can be applied to any Windows ® 10 System.


Clear and subtle optical effect

Strengthening face-to-face cooperation is the second only choice to be present. Logitech lens technology provides incredible video quality with exceptional resolution, speed, smoothness, color balance and detail.


5x HD zoom

The close-up function is used to lock the communication object and whiteboard content, so as to bring amazing details and clarity.


Auto Pan/Tilt

Further expand the field of vision to 170 °, and you can pan to the whiteboard or view other areas to be viewed.


3 camera presets

Up to three preset positions can be selected for the camera view. Press a button on the remote control to return to any of them.


Bluetooth ™ Wireless technology

Connect to your Bluetooth device and enjoy excellent audio calls.


Support extended microphone

The optional expansion microphone can increase the conversation area in crowded rooms.


Integrated design

The compact integrated shape design takes up less space and reduces complicated cables.


RF remote control

Easily perform camera pan/tilt/zoom functions during meetings.


Commercial certification

With commercial certification 2, you can make a presentation or convene a video conference with confidence next time.


USB connection, plug and play

Easy connection to PC, Mac ® And Chrome ™ Device without any additional software.


Suitable for most video conferencing applications

It is compatible with almost any video conferencing software application, including the one you are already using.


Multiple installation options

Logitech Video Conference CC4000e can be installed in any suitable location, on the desktop, wall and monitor, providing an extraordinary experience in a crowded conference room.


Kensington ® Kensington Lock

Logitech Video Conference CC4000e provides Kensington anti-theft lock jack, which can protect equipment through anti-theft lock.

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