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Exceptional video quality

With its ultra-high definition imaging system, Logitech Video Conference CC5000e can provide clear and sharp video, bright and real colors and excellent optical accuracy at the highest 4K resolution.


Adaptive translation, pitch and zoom

The smooth PTZ motor can automatically adjust the translation and pitch speed according to the zoom multiple. Benefits: Reduce the focal length to get faster camera movement speed when shooting quickly, and reduce the camera movement speed when zooming in for better control.


Fashionable industrial design

High quality PTZ camera with matte black and gray metal trim panel has an elegant appearance. With fashionable audio components and accessories, it can be a beautiful decoration in any room.


Advanced modular audio

Logitech Video Conference CC5000e can bring natural, clear and easily recognizable sound effects. The delicate and sensitive microphone enables each participant's speech to be heard clearly, while the independent speaker can cover a larger room with a real and full voice.


Audio from the front of the room

Logitech Video Conference CC5000e speakers are designed to be placed in the front of the room. Place the microphone on the desktop and the speaker near the display device, so that the voice and video images come from the natural direction rather than behind, creating a more natural and real dialogue atmosphere for you.


Up to 7 microphones

For large conference rooms, Logitech video conference CC5000e microphone can be added to expand the audio coverage and more easily control the mute control. Each microphone can increase the coverage of six participants, making it an ideal choice for deploying large conference spaces and rooms.


Smart Cabling and Content Sharing

The display hub and desktop hub are used to reduce the wiring across the whole house. CC5000e components and conference computers can be safely stowed without exposure.


loud and clear

The amplifier in Logitech CC5000e display hub can supply power for up to two CC5000e speakers, providing full sound even in large rooms.



Logitech video conference CC5000e microphone hub is equipped with three connection ports, which can connect CC5000e microphone or additional microphone hub, and can easily reduce cross table wiring. Participants can easily place the microphone or place the mute control within reach.


Installation kit (optional)

Logitech video conference CC5000e installation kit is added, and each component can be conveniently and aesthetically installed using custom brackets and installation hardware.

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