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On October 19, 2022, Logitech's video collaboration family added new members, and Logitech ST100 AI Panorama Camera Island, an innovative product created for the new trend of hybrid office. This desktop Logitech video conference equipment has a 360 panoramic view, which can be linked with Logitech video conference camera located at the front of the conference room under AI drive, bringing a new perspective and more immersive participation experience for all participants, especially online participants.


"It is different from the mode of everyone attending the conference at home at the peak of the epidemic. When more employees adopt the mixed office mode, the employees in the office can gather offline, while the remote participants dial in from online. The experience of online and offline participants will be unequal, including the assurance of the conference process and the acceptance of information. This creates an unfair conference experience, which will make collaboration difficult and Inefficient, even causing problems. " Scott Wharton, General Manager of Logitech Video Collaboration Business Unit, said, "When Logitech's video conference equipment ST100 AI panoramic camera island is used in conjunction with the front-end camera, this problem can be solved. It can smoothly capture everyone's actions and sounds by using multiple camera angles and intelligent location technology, providing a clearer face-to-face perspective for online personnel who join Logitech's video conference remotely, and improving the sense of participation in the conference."


"In the past, Logitech focused on providing B2B business for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Now, we have deep insight and concentrated research, and take the needs of each user as the foundation of innovation, so that we can become leaders in many categories. In the era of mixed office, we are confident to provide users with a 'immersive' and fair and equal experience." Liu Kun, President of Logitech Global Marketing, said.


New logic of immersive office


Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island, as the latest masterpiece under the new logic of Logitech office, aims to eliminate the sense of unfairness in remote collaboration for all employees. Whether they choose to work in the office, at home or anywhere else, it will not affect the office experience and efficiency. This is the new office logic launched by Logitech - to provide equal office conditions for all people by designing innovative technologies and products.


As an AI camera, Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island goes deep into the middle of the participants, and collects audio and video from an additional angle, which is linked with the camera in front of the conference room to bring a new perspective. Through the dual 4K cameras and 7 beam forming microphones, it is easy to capture the participants' language, actions and even expressions. It brings a sense of immersive participation to remote participants and improves the participation of employees in remote collaboration.


More comprehensive compatibility functions


Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island will be integrated with mainstream cloud conference platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom after its launch. Its RightSight technology with intelligent switching function can intelligently switch between the desktop camera and the camera in front of the conference room, select the best angle, and easily match various conference layout functions, including the smart gallery of Zoom and Microsoft Teams dynamic view. Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island is highly compatible with the mainstream platform and constantly innovates, which also enables the IT team to continuously meet the constant changes of mixed office staff.

Smart Logitech video conference solution - the new ST100 AI panoramic camera island 0

In addition, the installation and operation of Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island is simple and easy to understand, and the built-in bracket and integrated cable management are critical for IT teams that need to deploy collaborative space in a flexible and scalable way. By connecting Logitech Sync, IT personnel can monitor, update and troubleshoot equipment based on the cloud interface. Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island can also be compatible with Logitech's ultra-high definition audio and video all-in-one Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, so the IT team can fully deploy this new technology on the basis of existing video equipment.


Green office reduces carbon footprint


Logitech is committed to creating a more equitable and climate positive world and actively working to reduce our carbon footprint. This time, the components of Logitech ST100AI panoramic camera island use recyclable plastic, low-carbon aluminum and other environmental protection materials, as well as packaging from certified sources, so as to save energy and reduce emissions from the source of production to the end sales as much as possible to achieve green office. Logitech ST100 AI panoramic camera island will be launched globally in the middle of 2023. For more specific products, please go to Logitech's official website. You can also follow the official official account "Logitech Commercial Solutions" to learn about the latest trends.


About Logitech:


Logitech focuses on the design of products closely related to people's lives, and builds a bridge to digital experience for people. More than 30 years ago, Logitech began to closely connect computers with people. Logitech is now engaged in designing products, connecting people more closely through computing, games, videos and music, transforming itself into a provider of cloud peripherals, and conducting business in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Logitech owns Logitech, Logitech G, Jaybird, Ultimate Ears, Astro Gaming and other brands, and its business involves productivity and creativity, e-sports games, video collaboration, music and smart home.


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