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Logitech Video Conference CC5000e has a good industrial design and can adapt to different conference room styles. It is particularly commendable that it adopts a modular design, which makes it free and flexible. No matter what the layout of your conference room is, it can adapt well. In terms of performance, Logitech Video Conference CC5000e is also very excellent. The 4K 30 frame video quality and the support of up to 7 microphones make your video conference have excellent sound and picture performance. On this basis, the blessing of RightSense technology brings you an excellent experience in video conferencing. At the same time, it can also be compatible with almost all conference software on the market. If you want to have a high-quality video conference experience, I believe Logitech CC5000e high-definition video conference system will be a good choice.


Logitech Video Conference Logitech CC5000E/CC5000E Plus Technical Parameters


operating system

1. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

2. MacOS 10.10 or higher

3,Chrome OS


Resolution higher than 1080p

1. Windows 8.1 or later, or macOS 10.10 or later

2. USB 3.0 port and Type C cable

3. Compatible software


RIGHTSENSE technology

RightLight with WDR support

1. Weak light compensation

2. Video noise reduction

3. Weak light saturation optimization

4. Show natural skin color for everyone photographed by the camera

5. Reduce backlight and glare, and maintain picture brightness.



1. Figure contour detection

2. Automatically shoot participants at the beginning of the meeting

3. Automatically shoot attendees on demand

4. Automatically re shoot the participants during the meeting? one



1. Machine learning AI is trained to distinguish human speech from other sounds

2. AEC (Echo Cancellation)

3. VAD (Voice Activation Detection)?

4. Background noise suppression

5. Automatically adjust the volume according to the voice loudness


RightSound Microphone Array

1. Low distortion transverse beamforming algorithm can guide the microphone directly to the speaker, achieving excellent pickup and noise reduction

2. Support up to 56 acoustic beams (8 per CC5000e microphone) to lock active speakers

3. Beam focusing refresh rate: 8 ms (125 times/s)


Shockproof structure

1. The exclusive suspension system can separate the speaker modules in the enclosure, effectively eliminating vibrations that may pass through walls, brackets and tables. It can improve the echo cancellation performance of the CC5000e microphone, while maintaining the clarity and stability of the video image, even at high volume and zoom magnification.

2. Peak limiting algorithm can eliminate the loudspeaker clipping in a short time to avoid distortion


Compatibility and certification

1. Compatible with BlueJeans, BroadSoft, GoToMeeting, Vidyo and other video conferencing, recording and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras.

2. Compatible with Cisco Jabber and WebEX

3. Microsoft Cortana Certification

4. Certified by Google Hangouts conference hardware

5. Fuze Certification

6. Zoom certification

7. Pass Skype for Business certification and support Team

8. Plug and play USB connection

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