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For us, we have entered the post epidemic era, and our work and life have returned to normal. However, the epidemic has still brought changes to our lives and work. For example, the widespread popularity of video conferencing can effectively improve the efficiency of work communication. Therefore, we have also used a lot of video conference equipment, but there is a pain point, that is, the installation is extremely complex, and the line management is relatively cumbersome. So we have been looking for a set of reliable video devices that can bring a good experience. After using the CC5000e system of Logitech video conference, we found that this is the best artifact of video conference. Now let's share it with you.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 0


Previously, we had to use projectors, audio-visual equipment, speakers, microphones, computers and other equipment for video conferences. Every time we used them, we had to debug them repeatedly. This was not a problem. The most troublesome thing was that there were too many equipment and the wiring was disorderly. If one of the equipment had a problem, it would not work. Logitech video conference CC5000e is completely different, and it can improve these problems. A standard Logitech CC5000e has a high-definition camera, a speaker, a microphone, two hubs, and different types of cables.


The key point is that it adopts a modular design, which has the advantage of being able to adapt to different types of conference room layouts. Logitech Video Conference (CC5000e) has a modular design, which is easy to operate. If one of them has a problem, it can also be replaced quickly without replacing the whole set of equipment, which will reduce the cost.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 1



Then look at the most core camera. It supports up to 4K 30fps image quality, 15x HD zoom, 90 ° wide angle, and can achieve ± 90 ° translation left and right, and+50 °/- 90 ° pitch up and down. Our previous devices only support 1080P, which is more delicate than the current 4K. In fact, the customer perception of video is particularly obvious. In addition to 4K, it can also be compatible with 1440P, 1080P, 900P, 720P and standard definition resolutions.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 2


Logitech provides a variety of installation kits for this camera, so that you can achieve different installation methods. Of course, it is perfectly possible to put it directly on the desktop for use.


In addition to high hardware specifications, this camera also has black technology, with RightSight and RightLight technologies. RightSight is very powerful. Our studio has a lot of daily meetings. During video conferences, RightSight technology allows the camera to adjust different numbers of people. For example, when we have a morning meeting, the number of people is complete, and it can automatically use a wider shooting angle to accommodate all people. After we have a unified morning meeting, some people will leave the meeting room, and my team will stay for a small meeting, The camera will directly focus on the remaining few people in the meeting room, saving everyone's time and energy to adjust the camera, which is really convenient.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 3



In addition, RightLight can optimize the light of a person's face in real time, which makes our female colleagues very satisfied. In the past, once the face was in the backlight, it would become dark and could not be seen clearly, so female colleagues had to find a better light location for each video conference. With the help of Logitech CC5000e camera, even in the backlight, the face still looks natural, without previous problems, and the effect is quite good.



In addition, this camera has a privacy protection design. When it is not used, the camera will automatically turn back to the vertical downward 90 ° state, which is very considerate.


Another scenario is that our video conference with customers is mainly about communication details, especially for some design proposals, which need to use very clear pictures for demonstration. Logitech CC5000e camera supports 15x high-definition zoom, and can automatically identify, which is not only convenient, but also makes customers feel that we are very professional.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 4



In a meeting, sound is also an important part of the picture. Previously, because of the poor reception effect of the equipment, we had to take an additional microphone to speak in our hands. This will not only affect the speaker's concentration, but also make it difficult to pass microphones to each other. Logitech CC5000e supports a maximum of 7 microphones in series. In combination with RightSound technology, it can effectively suppress noise through a large number of built-in noise samples and AI technology. To put it simply, no matter where you sit in the conference room, it can be clearly recorded, so you don't have to worry about the problem of the position deviation and low voice.



At the same time, it can block out some noises outside the voice, such as writing and typing, so that the actual voice is quite clear. In this way, even if the text is recorded at the same time during the meeting, there will be no noise that will affect our voice communication.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 5


Logitech CC5000e is also equipped with a high-performance loudspeaker and a 76mm rare-earth magnet drive unit, which can clearly transmit sound to every corner of the conference room. If the conference room is large, an additional loudspeaker can be extended to ensure sound performance.




Finally, it is worth mentioning that the remote control experience of Logitech CC5000e is also very good. The buttons are large enough to enable blind pressing after a few times of use. More importantly, there are two preset buttons below the remote control. You can set two preset schemes, adjust the camera to the commonly used position, and long press the preset button 1 or 2. In actual use, the camera can be switched to the desired angle by pressing 1 or 2 to call the corresponding preset, which is very convenient.

Can the simplicity and practicality of video conferencing be combined? Logitech Video Conference CC5000e Experience 6


By the way, you don't have to worry about the compatibility of CC5000e with video conferencing software, because most mainstream video conferencing software on the market can be very compatible. This time, we used Tencent Conference. The computer is MacBook Pro. In the settings of the conference software, it can be directly recognized and can directly use the camera, microphone and speaker.


In order to bring users a better conference experience, Logitech also provides a very interesting product - Logitech Swytch audio and video switcher. It uses a very unique Y-shaped head, and has USB Type-A and Type-C interfaces to meet most of the use needs. In addition, Swytch also uses DisplayLink technology to integrate the HDMI audio and video connection and USB data transmission functions into this cable. Therefore, you can not only call the camera, but also share your desktop like you can directly connect to the video conference system, which is very convenient.



Of course, the biggest feature of Swytch is the switch between different conference software. As we know, enterprises usually install their commonly used conference software on the conference host to meet their daily video conference needs. For example, the enterprise originally only installed Tencent Conference for daily use, but if it needs to use Microsoft Teams Rooms to communicate with foreign customers at this time. In terms of the installation of previous solutions, it may be necessary to reinstall the software on the conference host, make settings, or unplug the cables on the conference host and use them on another laptop with Microsoft Teams Rooms installed. The process is often cumbersome.


With Swytch, all this becomes very simple. We just need to connect the laptop to the conference system through Swytch, and we will find that our laptop can skip the conference host and directly call the conference system for video conferencing. Compared with the methods mentioned above, the whole process will become extremely convenient.


After a period of use, our studio partners unanimously recognized Logitech CC5000e as a good and efficient video conference equipment, and decided to use it as our long-term video conference solution. Logitech CC5000e not only solves the problems of radio, video and call in the daily video conference room, but also makes the wire material simple and integrated, without complex debugging, and also makes our conference room very clean and tidy. To sum up, Logitech CC5000e has a great practical experience and is especially suitable for medium and large conferences. Its high efficiency value can be highlighted.

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