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Video conference is an indispensable tool for modern enterprises and has become the new normal for most enterprises. Many companies have long reduced work-related travel, and used video conferencing systems such as SparkleComm for external communication and exchange, and used them among staff on different floors. Therefore, a video conference system suitable for enterprises is crucial.


Enterprises may have already deployed a proprietary end-to-end intelligent conference room system, but today's star players are mobile and cloud services. Enterprises only need a server or an account, as well as cameras and headphones connected to the network.


What can SparkleComm video conference system do for enterprises?


Compared with the traditional video conference system in the past, digital technology has made great progress. Most video calls are made through the Internet rather than private LANs. The system not only supports a completely Web browser based experience, but also supports mobile devices, including mobile applications for Android and iOS. At the same time, the system is open to hardware support, and users can completely customize your webcam or microphone according to their preferences.


Modern SparkleComm video conference system also provides a large number of new functions that traditional video systems do not have. The system allows participants to share their screens, remotely access each other's desktops, exchange files through text chat, communicate through digital whiteboards, and even broadcast meetings to a large number of passive audiences (such as webinars). Some of these functions are part of the voice over IP software package, which can enable the conference to dynamically switch between telephone conference or video conference in progress, or initiate a shared conference with one button without losing the original connection.


These functions are very suitable for the group office mode, and are also excellent communication aids for home working scenarios. In the long run, it is the perfect tool to solve customer support problems in real time or interact with customers in real time during webinars. At least in the next few years, these factors may continue to promote users to use SparkleComm video conferencing system for collaborative work.


How can SparkleComm video conferencing reduce costs?


Many of us have been exposed to video conferencing, which has brought cost advantages and recruitment advantages to most enterprises. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, face-to-face meetings are usually high travel expenses, as are their customers and partners. This is where SparkleComm video conferencing can improve enterprise profits.


Even regardless of geographical location, SparkleComm video conferencing can help enterprises save money. Many innovative collaboration functions included in the system are designed to automate tasks that used to require additional costs. Two major examples are conference recording and transcription.


1. Conference recording


In traditional proprietary systems, recording meetings means that a separate camera or third-party microphone is used for pure audio recording and server space for storage. The SparkleComm video conference system has the automatic recording function. You just click the recording button to start. The system will automatically save the recorded content to the cloud and determine whether to automatically forward it to the participants for sharing according to the meeting settings.


2. Conference transcription


Transcription in the past required additional costs, and the recordings needed to be sent to relevant institutions for transcription services. The SparkleComm video conference system includes artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of virtual conference assistant, which can manage such forms as attendance tracking and directly transcribing meetings into PDF or Word documents. Then, the system will determine whether to send these documents to the participants or save them in cloud storage according to the settings.

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