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The video conference system of the State Food and Drug Administration was completed in February 2008, and currently covers 47 nodes in the whole week of provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities under separate state planning and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The system is built on the special website of the State Food and Drug Administration, using H. 323 mode video conference system, the line design rate is 2M. The system structure adopts the way of multi-point control unit (MCU) + terminal. Through the video conferencing subsystem, the sharing of video, voice and data can be achieved to achieve "three networks in one". The video conference system is also an important part of the national food and drug safety emergency system. When a major food and drug safety incident occurs, it can be used as an emergency command system.


In February 2008, the State Food and Drug Administration's video conference system held a video conference on "Olympic drug safety assurance and doping control work", and in June 2009 held a video conference on "Comprehensive Strengthening the Quality and Safety Supervision of Medicines for the Prevention and Control of Influenza A/H1N1" It has played an immeasurable role in many important conferences such as the "China Vaccine Supervision System through the World Health Organization Evaluation and Summary Teleconference" held in February 2011. Through the practical use of nearly a year, the emergency video command system of the State Food and Drug Administration has met the design requirements, successfully completed the design goals of ensuring rapid communication of drug regulatory information and emergency consultations on emergencies, and greatly improved the national drug control system. Supervision Bureau's emergency handling capabilities for food and drug safety incidents.


The backbone network of the Ministry of Land and Resources adopts the SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) line, which is a new digital transmission system, which is called a revolution of the telecommunication transmission system. SDH is a physical layer technology, used for transmission and multiplexing, and the transmission rate can be as high as 10Gbps. Through the control of the access device, the point-to-point network transmission bandwidth allocation is controlled at 2M, which can fully meet the needs of clear and stable transmission of dual-stream images, voice and data. The IP network is adopted. All equipment and departments are connected through the national land and resources backbone network, and the nodes in various places are connected through 2M SDH lines and the Xinzi and the center's visual flood exchange platform.

The main venue of the Ministry of Land and Resources and the desktop terminals of the Ministry's leadership office are connected through the Ministry of Land and Resources' extranet LAN and the full-view flood platform. The local management console and GK are also connected through Waigang LAN and video exchange platform. The video terminal of each provincial node is connected with the 2M SDH link through the external network LAN or router.


A few days ago, the land resources video conference system has held many video conferences attended by all nodes nationwide, and held various applications such as cadre training conferences and data sharing through multimedia interactive technology. Through the video conference system, the Ministry of Land and Resources has strengthened the business management of its subordinate units, reduced meeting expenses, shortened the work cycle, and improved the efficiency of work. The system also provides a reliable platform for gradually realizing the network management of the closed soil resource department in the future.

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