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Huawei Cloud Video Conference will launch a new SmartRooms intelligent conference room solution, combining a full range of high-definition intelligent collaboration terminals, to provide enterprises with a full scene cloud collaboration intelligent conference room upgrade solution. Through professional audio and video conference, intelligent whiteboard collaboration, seamless flow of multi screen interactive information, and ubiquitous AI, it can meet the needs of enterprise local whiteboard collaboration, multi terminal content sharing, cross regional video conference and data sharing, cross enterprise communication and collaboration, meeting room and mobile conference integration and interoperability, enterprise information release and other full scene communication and collaboration needs.


This newly upgraded SmartRooms intelligent conference room solution, in addition to Huawei IdeaHub and the original full range of intelligent collaboration terminals, introduces the MAXHUB Huawei Cloud Video Conference Special SC Series and Hisense Full Scene Smart Tablet Enhanced Edition, providing users with more choices.


Integrated terminal, simple and simple, gives you a simple and efficient meeting room

Huawei Cloud Video Conference SmartRooms intelligent conference room solution uses an integrated conference room terminal to integrate traditional conference room projectors, whiteboards, microphones, computers, televisions and other N-in-one devices to get rid of cumbersome cables. The conference room is clean and tidy, and maintenance is simple. Huawei Cloud Conference SmartRooms intelligent collaboration large screen, scanning code for self-service activation, immediate use, simple and fast deployment. Only one power cord is needed to start high-definition video conferencing. At the same time, we will break the barriers of data fragmentation of multiple systems in traditional conference rooms and the inability of connectivity between conference rooms. We will use Huawei Cloud Conference to connect conference rooms in various regions, Unicom conference rooms, computers and mobile terminals, and make information communication smooth both inside and outside the enterprise.


HD cloud video conferencing, intelligent sharing and collaboration, and better meeting experience

Huawei Cloud Conference SmartRooms intelligent collaboration large screen provides four functional scenarios, including video conference, whiteboard, projection screen and information window. At the same time, Huawei Cloud Conference has a consistent UI design and control experience for multiple terminals, with zero learning cost and easy operation.


1080P high-definition video conference, 8-meter pickup range, AI background noise reduction and environmental noise elimination, intelligent anti howling and echo elimination, and better audio and video experience; Intelligent guiding camera and AutoFraming intelligent view taking, with continuous C speakers; Intelligent sound screen to shield peripheral noise; 4K ultra clear sharing, whiteboards, documents, videos, and desktops can be shared with one click, and multiple remote comments can be made for more in-depth discussion.


Smooth writing, paper and pen experience, making creativity free

4K ultra clear display large screen, high-precision infrared touch technology, ultra-low delay writing, and creation is as natural as on paper; Intelligent writing auxiliary function, automatic recognition and conversion of handwritten words, graphics, flow charts, etc. into print; Whiteboard sharing, simultaneous writing by multiple people at the local end and remote end, real-time co creation, and free expression of creativity; The whiteboard minutes can be scanned and saved to the cloud space. No manual recording is required. The most complete minutes can be kept by scanning.


One touch screen projection and multi screen interaction

Mobile phone, computer one button wireless projection, using 4K and H 265 technology, with clearer and smoother screen projection experience. After the screen projection, you can directly annotate on the large screen and reverse control the computer, such as PPT page flipping. The contents of the screen projection can be captured on the whiteboard for marking, so that the display interaction is more flexible.


Real time subtitles, automatic translation, automatic meeting minutes, AI, making meetings more intelligent

Through speech recognition technology, speech captions are displayed on the conference interface in real time and translated into English in real time. This is very useful for transnational and cross language meeting scenarios. At the same time, speakers can be distinguished to automatically generate meeting minutes, which can be exported and sorted out without manual recording. Participants can easily focus on the meeting discussion and obtain complete discussion records.


Information window, digital publicity, high efficiency and environmental protection

The information window, as the position for organizing information release, can be deployed in the lobby, open area, conference room, office area and other places. The content is managed uniformly, pushed to the big screen with one click, and released uniformly, so that the information release is timely, convenient and efficient.


Huawei Cloud Conference, through a full scene intelligent cloud conference solution, meets various office meeting scenarios, such as enterprise cross regional general meeting, daily office meeting, foreign-related communication meeting, conference room+mobile conference integration, and provides online communication and collaboration solutions for various industries, such as medical industry remote consultation room, education industry smart classroom, judicial industry remote trial, financial industry hall marketing.


It is understood that Huawei Cloud Conference will also further develop the hardware ecology, industry ecology and application ecology, and provide more intelligent, integrated and smooth services through SmartRooms intelligent conference room solutions, together with more ecological partners, in the smart conference rooms of government and enterprises and more industrial remote collaboration scenarios.

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