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As the management department of social and economic development, the government often needs to hold various meetings to convey principles and policies, arrange work, and exchange experiences. Many jobs have many cross-departmental and cross-regional communication needs.

In the past, meetings were held at designated venues. Time, traffic safety, efficiency, and costs were all issues that needed to be considered and resolved, especially when government departments held meetings in remote mountainous areas, where transportation was inconvenient, and participants were exhausted; , not timely, inaccurate, and inefficient.


Now, video conferencing has become a new trend of communication meetings between government departments. The popularization and application of video conferencing can reduce the meeting cost of government agencies and improve the work efficiency of the government. Video conferencing not only solves the problem of "wenshan meeting the sea" that has plagued the government for many years, but also achieves the purpose of more direct, faster and more efficient work than before.


Video conferencing to improve meeting efficiency

The Yealink video conferencing system has high-definition audio and video effects, and is equipped with a variety of conference modes, allowing each department to hold a large-scale all-hands meeting, summary meeting, and work discussion meeting. Help these government departments to remotely implement work deployment, supervision, and first-level policy communication to improve efficiency.


Remote training, changing the way of training

In the past training, due to the limited time and venue, the teaching method was outdated, and the training effect was not good. Through Yealink video conference communication, the training method was changed, and the team members distributed in various places were trained according to the latest work regulations, responsibilities of diversified organizations, and national mandatory courses for their own work, so as to improve the professional quality of civil servants.


Facilitate communication and build a bridge of convenience

In the past, symposiums were held through various sub-district offices or townships to listen to opinions and requirements, and then manually collected and sorted out and then fed back upwards, which was slow and inefficient. With the Yealink video conferencing system, it is possible to connect to the convenient channels on the Internet, directly communicate with citizens "face to face", listen to their requirements, and solve problems, making the video system a bridge between the government and the citizens.

Deraweey is an international leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, providing "cloud + terminal" video conferencing services to the world. audio and video conferencing and collaboration solutions.


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