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On June 30, Huawei Cloud TechWave Cloud Video Conference Special Day was live broadcast online. During the event, Huawei Cloud released OneMeeting full scene cloud video conference solutions, and launched round table dialogues around the digital upgrade of government enterprise meetings to help upgrade the full scene experience of government enterprise meetings.


Four characteristics: Huawei Cloud OneMeeting is born for the needs of government and enterprises


In the past two years, cloud video conferencing has greatly improved the communication and collaboration efficiency of enterprises. However, for large government enterprises, they often face diversified needs such as large organization scale, wide geographical distribution, multiple meeting scenarios, and system compatibility. Huawei Cloud OneMeeting full scene video conference solution is born for the cloud conference needs of government enterprises, which can meet the user needs of full scene communication such as "administrative conference", "office conference", "general meeting", and "transnational conference", It can also realize the compatibility, interworking and smooth evolution of the original conference system.


Full scene coverage: When enterprise cloud video conference and private conference coexist, there are often multiple system platforms, with inconsistent experience and complex use. Huawei Cloud OneMeeting solution provides unified conference ID, unified APP, unified experience standard, unified accounting management and control, simplifies complexity, and achieves a consistent user experience.


Global resource scheduling: Huawei Cloud OneMeeting solution, through cloud cloud next stop resource management, cloud cloud and offline hybrid scheduling, uses cloud resources for private meetings, and uses cloud resources for cloud meetings, taking into account bandwidth and resource costs; When the internal conference resources of the enterprise are insufficient, they can be flexibly dispatched to the cloud at any time as needed to calmly deal with sudden traffic and business surges; At the same time, the dual platforms are backup to each other. When the internal meeting of the enterprise fails, you can escape to the cloud resources for the meeting with one click, providing seamless disaster recovery, uninterrupted business, and more stable and reliable.


Global real-time interaction: If the current conference system of the enterprise wants to meet the requirements of multi regional coverage or even global access, it needs to pay a large network and resource cost. Huawei Cloud OneMeeting solution, based on Huawei Cloud's global network layout, has more than 3000 access nodes, covering more than 170 countries and regions on all continents. Global users can access meetings with low latency and a stable and smooth experience.


Full capacity opening: For the need for enterprises to integrate video conferencing into their own office systems, Huawei Cloud OneMeeting will open its full capacity and full platform to enable enterprises to quickly integrate their own collaborative office applications through an open system. UI SDK is provided to precipitate the conference business experience, encapsulate the collaborative business process, which can be quickly called by developers and is easy to integrate. It only takes one week to complete the integration and go online. At the same time, seven capabilities including voice, video, data, address book, recording, accounting management and control, and messaging are fully open, covering the whole process of conference operation. It supports five platforms, namely Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web, and realizes the full connection of enterprise mainstream office equipment.


Professional services+leading technology to ensure stable cloud video conferencing


Based on years of accumulation in the video conference industry and understanding of high-end administrative meetings, Huawei has accumulated a large number of professional and efficient meeting control capabilities and integrated them into Huawei Cloud OneMeeting full scene video conference solutions. During the opening of the meeting, OneMeeting can simulate the opening of the meeting in the meeting room, create a meeting atmosphere full of ceremony, and achieve "orderly opening". OneMeeting can also project the video screen to the video matrix wall, making the meeting more realistic.


In addition, Huawei Cloud provides professional conference security services, providing customers with pre conference scheme design and rehearsal, in conference real-time security, post conference summary and other services, and provides all-round escort from cloud resources, network, security, access and other aspects, so that conference organizers can be more relaxed and reassured.


Huawei Cloud also has a deep accumulation in video HD, voice HD and data sharing HD, and has successfully applied it to Huawei Cloud OneMeeting full scene video conference solutions. In terms of video, OneMeeting is based on H 265 encoding and Huawei VME patented technology can achieve better video effects under the same network conditions. Even in low bandwidth mode, it can achieve 1080P high-definition video effect. In terms of voice, OneMeeting supports 48K high fidelity voice, lossless voice restoration, and movie level sound effects. In terms of data sharing, OneMeeting supports 4K screen sharing with higher definition, allowing participants to share more details and improve the meeting effect. In the case of 80% packet loss of network voice, 50% packet loss of video and 50% packet loss of data, the participants can still provide good audio and video effects to ensure that they can participate in the conference normally under weak network conditions. With a highly reliable architecture, OneMeeting supports multi region, multi activity and disaster recovery deployment. When traffic is overloaded, it can be elastically expanded. It also supports the configuration of resource exclusive use for important meetings. It can calmly face all kinds of emergencies to ensure that meetings are not interrupted.


In terms of security, Huawei Cloud OneMeeting provides a four layer protection system of "end management cloud application" to protect every meeting. OneMeeting not only has the capabilities of end-to-end vulnerability free and network anti cracking, but also can block all kinds of attacks based on Huawei Cloud's security protection capabilities such as anti DDos attacks, WAF application firewall, DNS hijack escape, intrusion detection, etc. In terms of application, OneMeeting provides triple entry control protection, and has obtained 17 international and domestic security certifications such as ISO, Equal Protection and Trusted Cloud. A comprehensive protection system ensures the safety of meetings and important information.


Round table dialogue, celebrities discuss the digital upgrade of cloud video conference


During the live broadcast of the round table dialogue, around the theme of OneMeeting Full Scene Video Conference Solution to Enable Digital Upgrading of Government Enterprise Meetings, Cao Jun, the director of Huawei Cloud Conference, Zhao Guangkai, the technical director of Huawei Quality and Process IT Department, and Cheng Jianyong, the director of OMC Industrial Products Smart Office Commodity Line, held a dialogue. The three guests discussed the problems faced by enterprise video conferences and how Huawei can help enterprises achieve the upgrading of full scene experience of video conferences based on the communication and cooperation needs of large enterprises such as Huawei and OMC Industrial Products and their experience in video conference construction.


Zhao Guangkai shared Huawei's internal meeting needs and characteristics. According to Zhao Guangkai, Huawei's internal video conference connects nearly 400000 users of Huawei employees and upstream and downstream partners, covering 170 countries and 1023 offices worldwide, with 60000 online users at the peak every day and 800000 meetings held every month. It is precisely based on these conference requirements that Huawei has built an industry-leading full scene video conference capability, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the company's business.


Cheng Jianyong said that based on Huawei Cloud Conference, OMC Industrial Products held a number of business signing ceremonies, annual management seminars, high-level seminars, cross regional business training and business collaboration, epidemic prevention emergency command and other conferences on the cloud. Through professional, safe and convenient video conference, close coordination was achieved within OMC industrial products, with Baowu Group units at all levels, and with Baowu ecosystem partners.


Huawei Cloud OneMeeting full scene video conference solution, by virtue of its leading core capabilities in the whole industry, enables government and enterprise users to smoothly conduct full scene meetings involving multiple devices, groups and even all members in real time anywhere, at any time, in the world, so as to enable the upgrading of the full scene experience of government and enterprise video meetings and help government and enterprise customers to take the lead in the digital age.

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