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Economic globalization and administrative internationalization urgently require the repositioning of government functions, and the trend of world administrative reform has produced certain enlightenment for the transformation of government functions in our country. The fundamental functions of the government in the new era have been transformed into providing services for enterprises, families, individuals and all other groups that are conducive to the protection and promotion of national interests; the functions of maintaining market order, regulating the economy, social and economic security and service functions; building economical and innovative Modern society requires innovation of government administrative concepts, administrative operations and management methods.


At present, major government functional departments have implemented hardware video conferencing systems, but hardware video conferencing systems have their limitations. For example, general hardware video conferencing systems are only used at the prefecture and city level. The level of town, township and village is blank. The hardware video conferencing system cannot be easily used to hold meetings with people outside the department and the system. The software video conferencing system can play a very good supplementary role. Any person, as long as they have an account, can hold meetings with any other person, discuss projects, and conduct remote training. In a word, hardware video conferencing systems and software video conferencing systems use different objects and occasions, and they are complementary rather than replacements.

In government work, the transmission of documents is a must every day. It is undoubtedly a great waste of manpower, material resources and energy to transmit documents between various government departments by manpower. With the remote video conferencing system, government work Personnel can use the document sharing to realize file transfer and co-browse, and can use highlighter to mark on the page to convey the work spirit in time.


It has improved the efficiency of government work and the effectiveness of supervision, transformed government functions, transformed the content of government services to the public, innovated the means and methods of government services to the public, and accelerated the construction of a clean, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government. The development of public service to a new historical level has transformed government from regulatory to service-oriented.


As the management department of economic and social development, the government often needs to hold various meetings to convey policies, arrange work, and exchange experience. Therefore, the video conferencing system needs to be able to support large-scale cross-regional meetings, and have full-color, clear and smooth video. Video and audio and stability and uninterrupted protection. In the past, meetings were held at designated venues, which increased the time and fares for meeting participants. Especially in remote mountainous areas, the government held meetings, and the transportation was inconvenient, and the participants were exhausted. The communication after the meeting was not timely, inaccurate, and inefficient. high. Once emergencies occur, losses will be caused due to the failure of leaders to communicate in time and the lag in decision-making. It is required to improve work efficiency and save meeting expenses through the high-definition video and audio effects of the video conference system.


For the government to do practical things for the people and build a harmonious society, it is necessary to constantly listen to the opinions and demands of the citizens. In the past, symposiums were held through various sub-district offices or townships to listen to opinions and requirements, and then manually collected and sorted out and then fed back upwards, which was slow and inefficient. It is required to open a citizen hotline through video conferencing, meet directly with citizens, listen to requests, and solve problems, so that the video system can become a bridge for the government to communicate directly with citizens.

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