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At present, telecommuting is still in the development stage, but the competition is intensifying. At the same time, with the development and application of 5G, AI, cloud computing and other technologies, telecommuting may further develop, and the user experience will continue to enhance. In the remote cloud video conference, sharing materials and videos is almost the standard configuration requirement of each conference. Therefore, the following problems may exist in video conference:


1. The video cannot be perfectly combined with the conference room, and cannot reflect the real-time characteristics;

2. When displaying materials, there are problems such as damaged image quality, distorted image quality, video jam and instability;

3. Problems that fail to meet the requirements of comments and modifications at any time in the actual meeting;

4. The screen flickers, the image is still, and the video and audio are not synchronized.


For the above problems, Huawei Cloud Video Conference can solve them well. Huawei Cloud Video Conference, based on Huawei's 30 years of audio and video technology accumulation and Huawei Cloud's native public cloud architecture, provides on-demand, out of the box, high-definition and secure cloud video conference services. The traditional conference terminals of computers, mobile phones, tablets, large conference screens and Huawei smart screen TVs can be connected to meet the needs of enterprises from daily desktop/mobile conferences, intelligent conference room construction, enterprise training, administrative conferences, live broadcasts, transnational conferences, high-end summits and other scenarios.


1. Convenience: It can achieve the seamless integration of the real conference room and the network mobile conference, so that users can experience the conference room without difference, share real-time content, and many people can use different terminals to write pictures at the same time, so as to collaborate efficiently.

2. Definition: It supports 4K ultra-high definition sharing, can present clearer and finer images on a larger screen, and has reached a higher standard in color reproduction. In specific areas, such as design collaboration, medical consultation and film viewing, it can play its role to the greatest extent. In addition, H265 SCC encoding and decoding is used to optimize the processing of characters to make them clearer.

3. Stability: Based on Huawei Cloud SparkRTC's new network adaptive algorithm and AI network awareness technology, video will not be stuck or disconnected in case of weak network, the best access point of the network will be detected in real time, and the access strategy will be adjusted intelligently, so that users can enjoy the best video conference access experience around the world.

4. Smoothness: The latest upgraded version can share video up to 1080P 30 frames. Compared with other conference platforms, the sharer can freely adjust the definition and frame rate according to the network bandwidth, making the shared video as clear and smooth as local playback.

5. Shared audio: The audio supports 48K sampling rate, allowing lossless audio sharing. In scenes with high requirements for sound quality, such as music classes, film appreciation, etc., it can provide users with the best network sound quality.

6. Low cost: For an enterprise, the best choice is to achieve its goal at the lowest cost. Huawei Cloud Conference can achieve the best experience at the lowest deployment cost. The stability of transnational communication network lines is guaranteed, and the functions of Cloud Conference are also constantly upgraded, such as picture layout, cloud recording, and fast access to membership by scanning codes.

7. Security: Security is the first problem to be solved by all products. Huawei Cloud Conference products are always designed from the perspective of protecting enterprise data and information security, and tenant data is isolated; Encrypted storage of user data such as address book and conference recording files; AES256 encryption algorithm, anti stealing and anti cracking; The meeting can be locked, and irrelevant personnel cannot join the meeting, so as to ensure the safety and credibility of the meeting.

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