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With the comprehensive popularization of information technology applications, the importance of video conferencing in government administrative work has become increasingly apparent. The video conferencing system promotes innovative services for administrative work and breaks down barriers to information exchange. The main applications of video conferencing in government work are:


1. Daily executive meeting


Yealink video conferencing system uses H.323 codec technology to provide 1080P high-definition video and high-fidelity wide audio processing technology, and supports high-definition picture synthesis and multi-level cascade functions to meet the needs of government departments for the entire network or local work meetings, important events Convening of various daily meetings such as reports, spiritual communication, work guidelines and policy education.


2. Work exchange, sum up experience


In daily work, there are a lot of tasks that require face-to-face communication, such as organizational interviews and cadre assessments. Through this system, leaders or cadres can easily and quickly complete these tasks independently through video terminals in the office, greatly improving work efficiency.


3. Video petition


Online petitioning is the current development trend of government petitioning work. Video conferencing system, as a main line of online petitioning platform, rapidly improves the efficiency of government petitioning work with the advantage of cross-regional remote synchronous communication. On the one hand, it can realize the zero-distance "face-to-face" dialogue between the party and government organs and the masses, save a lot of communication costs for the masses to petition, fundamentally solve the problem that the masses are difficult to petition to meet the leadership, and further improve the efficiency and quality of petition work; On the one hand, it provides the functional application of real-time monitoring and remote office from the perspective of open technology, making the petition work open and intelligent, effectively ensuring the implementation and influence of the petition work, and establishing a new image of the government petition department.


4. Party member training and distance education


In order to strengthen the construction of the cadres and masses of government departments, organs at all levels need to carry out systematic training for cadres. Based on this system, agencies at all levels can conduct remote training for their cadres anytime, anywhere, and through the powerful dual-stream function of the system, the lecturer and the high-definition video courseware can be transmitted simultaneously. Meet multi-level and diversified training and education needs and improve training efficiency.


The use of video conferencing systems in government administrative work is very common. In fact, it is also government departments that have vigorously applied video conferencing systems in China. The advantages are also favored by enterprises.

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